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How Living The Truth Will Heal You


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This 1-hour webinar includes the worksheet from part 3 of My Guided Journey©, so you can follow along.

Live what you are learning on your Journey, in the world as it is right nowBonus Webinar: ($29. value) When you register for this webinar you will receive the replay of the first Guided Journey Webinar free of charge, entitled; Live what you are learning on your Journey, in the world as it is right now.

Linda Deir is creator of the Guided Journey, a self-directed counseling service that her Guides and her developed to get you on your path – free to everyone. In this Webinar, using part 3 of "My Guided Journey©," the Guides and Linda will talk about, "how well you are able to accept the truth will determine your ability to be a healer when it will be needed most!"

The Guides understand that humanity, no matter how much they have wanted to heal, mostly got stuck along the way. Having a sense of your healing powers, together with acceptance about what the truth really is, will be the catalyst that makes this shift possible.

You will be much more capable of identifying the stuck energy, so you can release it. The time has come for everyone to be able to do this, by tuning into their healing powers, which must be applied to yourself first. Higher frequencies make this possible now.

There is a massive need for these healing powers that will become more evident going forward. The more you heal the farther away the past will feel, as truth and love come to the forefront. The pain and traumas from your past will be released causing you to think differently. The universal energies are now aligned in favor of you performing on this.

Once you can accept the truth without hesitation, your healing powers come alive, lighting the way to heal yourself first, and others who seek you out. You will see the possibilities, rather than the broken world you feared was all there was.



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