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Guided Journey

JOURNAL – My Guided Journey, companion “journal” to GUIDED


The Companion “journal” to: Guided

  • My Guided Journey© Immediate download (includes: video support with Linda, guiding you through each of the 18 Chapters in Part 2).
  • Content (the exterior and interior of the book) is the exact “full version” as the published version on Amazon.
  • Prints onto standard 8-1/2″ x 11-0″ paper.

My Guided Journey© is the companion “journal” to my best-selling autobiography, GUIDED – Winner of the 2017 Int’l Body/Mind/Spirit Book Award.

This “journal” takes you on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. As a result of a challenging childhood, I discovered this system by living it. In my flagship book, GUIDED, I take you on my “Guided Journey,” so you can see what’s possible when you take your guided journey.

The bound version of this journal is available on Amazon  

Linda Deir


My Guided Journey© is exactly that. It’s a “guided” journey back through your life accompanied by the author, reminding you who you are. Each chapter in Part 2 of My Guided Journey©, includes a video of Linda guiding you through that chapter of your life, on your journey back to finally heal the issues in your past that have been hanging you up and holding you back.

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey© Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir

In the author’s Int'l Award-winning autobiography, GUIDED, Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches©, Linda outlined her true life spiritual journey.

The pain and fear you experience in your life didn’t just “show up” one day. It was derived from your perception of what you experienced growing up. Those perceptions became your beliefs and turned out to be the undoing of your life later … with relationships, jobs, accomplishments, and your dreams. If only you could stop making the same bad decisions over and over. You can!

Following the outlined in this book, step-by-step, has been described as, “an amazing combination of spirituality and unexpected psychology.” By writing down what’s holding you back, starting with the “My Journal Writing©” section in Part 3, you will begin to identify the specific problem. Then, through the introspective questioning process in each chapter and journal writing page of the book, you will pinpoint where in your life you went off track. Once written down on paper and observed outside of you, you will realize what needs to be done and the action you must take. The by-product will be healing that past issue, releasing old patterns that were controlling you … giving you your life back. The natural by-product of healing your past is having a connection to source energy, your Spirit Guides, your Higher-Self, whatever you want to call it. This is an unstoppable combination!

Following this system, you will learn to become a consistent and powerful life coach for anyone who wants to live their higher purpose.

Become your own Life Coach. Like Lisa, a reader from London, who said, “I’ve spent thousands on therapy, but with this one book, I was able to go back and face those painful memories, write them down like Linda guided me to do, so they would be healed, and halt their influence in my life!” My Life has taken on a new direction.

My Guided Journey© restores lives.

My Guided Journey© includes …
1. A free Journal Writing section in Part 3 of the book to start chronicling your journey.
2. Video support with Linda, guiding you through each of the 18 Chapters in Part 2.

My Guided Journey, of Self-Discovery & Personal Transformation© … a lifeline to keep you on your path, not just get you there.” ~ Linda Deir

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