Linda Deir Course Correction Training

Linda Deir Course Correction Training


One-on-One with Linda Deir

Four 30-minute training sessions

Once you decide to start your journal writing you must go back to where it all began – when you were born. Using the companion journal to Linda Deir’s award-winning bestselling book, Guided, came “My Guided Journey.” My Guided Journey is the guidebook Linda uses to take you back to the beginning. The new person who came into this world knowing you could do anything once you got here. However, once you arrived you quickly forgot your roadmap, your guidebook, to get you where you intended to go. Using My Guided Journey, Linda reminds you who you are, getting you back on your path, so you can live the life you intended with the help of your Guides.

This is a 4-week, 30-minute weekly “Course Correction Training” session with Linda Deir and you, one-on-one, over ZOOM (total of 2-hours). All training sessions include a free high-definition video and audio recording of these sessions on-demand from our service provider, ZOOM.

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My Guided Journey1-on-1 training with Linda using, My Guided Journey, your journey of self-discovery, and personal transformation. Your journey back to discover where you got knocked off your path so you can course-correct and re-connect.

Your purchase includes:

  • A free download copy of "My Guided Journey" of self-discovery and personal transformation.
  • 4-weekly, 30-minute course correction training sessions with you and Linda Deir over ZOOM.
  • ZOOM high def video and audio of each course correction training session to replay.

After each session, it’s recommended that you download the ZOOM high def video and audio to your computer to study what you learned. These ZOOM downloads will expire 30 days after the date of service.

After PayPal payment is complete – Open your email (be sure to look in your spam folder) to find your email receipt. Inside the body of this receipt, it will read: Your order is complete - download your files. Click on these DOWNLOAD links inside this email, (1) Application - open to schedule your 4-weekly, 30-minute course correction training sessions, (2) Coupon Code - redeem this code to get your free download copy of "My Guided Journey." (My PayPal merchant account is Channeled Readings, LLC, our parent company.)


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