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Linda Deir Transition Coach – 1-hour

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Conversations with your Spirit Guides and Angels

Definition of “Transition” … the process, or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. Having conversations with your Guides will transition you to a higher state of consciousness requiring you make this shift.

Guidance from “those” who know you best! One-hour provides adequate time to cover what you need help with.


Coaching you through unprecedented changes from those who know you best, your Spirit Guides.My Guided Journey Your purchase includes:

  • A free download copy of My Guided Journey of self-discovery and personal transformation©.

I am a transitional life coach. In my flagship book,GUIDED, by Linda Deir my life was used as the template for how I made many transitions at just the right time through the guidance I received from my Spirit Guides, Angels, and others. Using this proven process in your coaching session, you will be able to recognize when you are communicating with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and others providing timely guidance from those who know you best. It will be your opportunity to experience the power of their guidance to solve problems, while discovering who you are. Just like I have experienced, throughout my life, in your coaching session…

You will be having a “conversation” with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and others.

From this, you will discover for yourself that your Guides, are indeed the best friends and advisors who know you better than anyone else. You will wonder how you ever got by without them? After payment is complete –Open your email (be sure to look in your spam folder) to find your email receipt. Inside the body of this receipt, it will read: Your order is complete. Under Product, click on the link inside this email to open the APPLICATION to schedule your coaching session.

Your purchase includes a free high-definition video. In person sessions include a free audio recording. These will be sent to your email address.

1 review for Linda Deir Transition Coach – 1-hour

  1. Nina Butera

    My year started out with many casualties beginning with the loss of my beloved cat of 16 years; the passing of a dear friend; a significant birthday followed by a job loss. Other lesser events continue to spiral. I have no choice but to surrender, releasing what I cannot control.
    An inquiry with Linda Deir, lead me to a unique experience where she channeled my guides. I was astonishingly surprised what the guides had to say lovingly leading me forward with faith as I experience a major shift, a metamorphosis to say the least.
    I am in gratitude to Linda for her continued support as a Transition Coach. She has opened the way for me to connect and receive guidance from my guides. I commit to connecting with my guides on a daily basis helping me along my path and providing encouragement to others along their way. (see for information on her books, webinars, coaching sessions and more.)
    ~Nina Butera

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