Linda Live! A Message from the Light Beings - The Second Wave of Fear and Confusion is Coming

Linda Live! A Message from the Light Beings – The Second Wave of Fear and Confusion is Coming


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Webinar was held, Saturday, June 27th, 2020, 1:00 – 2:00 pm PT

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In this webinar, Linda and Ray channel information from the Light Beings. "We are the Light Beings Linda has known all her life, also referred to as her Spirit Guide Angels."

Here’s an excerpt from these Light Beings

"When you listen to the news all you hear is fear-based reporting. You will be hearing, “The second wave is coming and it’s much worse than the first one.

In the meantime, there will be restrictions as to where you can go. Are you wondering what will your kids do about school? Will you ever be able to take a vacation again? Where will you be able to go and stay? What other businesses will close down permanently and what will replace them?

It will be a constant push and pull of restrictions and lessening of restrictions – with the intention of keeping you afraid and confused.

People always thought it can’t happen here. Now, that it’s happening people still doubt it, which only adds to their confusion. Most people are still in disbelief. Many have not done well with the lockdown – wondering how much longer this can go on.

Find out how to put the fear and confusion into perspective as the Light Beings inform you about the second wave."

"Like so many others, I find it difficult to decide what to believe on the news. One person says one thing and the next one contradicts the first one! I'm hoping that the Light Beings can help me understand what's really going on so I can get on with my life without all the fear.~ Maria Vasquez , San Antonio, TX


"I've had about all the isolation I can stand!  How much will the world really change and what do I need to do to prepare? - Cynthia Roberts, Charlotte, NC


"I wish I knew who was lying and who was telling the truth? I know that when I watched your last webinar, I felt safe and protected when the Light Beings spoke." - Stephanie Forrester, Orange County, CA 


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