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Linda Live! A Message from the Light Beings – The State of the World as We See It


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Webinar to be held, Saturday, May 30th, 2020, 1:00 – 2:00 pm PT

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In this webinar, Linda and Ray channel information from the Light Beings. "We are the Light Beings Linda has known all her life, also referred to as her Spirit Guide Angels."

Here’s an excerpt from these Light Beings

We see the state of the world now that you are living in differently than you do. People see only a slice of their own reality, when we see the bigger picture and how everyone is going to be affected by the changes that are coming. The world will be much different than what most people want it to be. There will be many changes people will not like.

We also see the realities that individual people and families live in and how they are very different from their neighbors. We will be commenting on how the individual fits into the new world order as we see it. What you must do to adapt and move forward has some things in common with others, but many will have unique situations where they will have to be flexible enough to accept change and adapt quickly.

We will be speaking about changes that will happen between now and the end of the year. There are several things you must do for yourself to remain healthy and focused during the next 6-months. We will give you all that you need so you don't have to worry.”

"I was hoping that you would put on a webinar like this. I can't wait, I just signed up!” ~ Mallorie Gibson, Austin , TX


"I have been wondering about my future and how to make the best imformed decisions going forward. This insightful webinar couldn't be coming at a better time for me." ~ Robert Gann, San Diego, CA


"I have been following your work ever since Iistening to your book, Guided. Your Guides are so clear and truthful. I look forward to hearing their messages about what's coming and how be get prepared." ~ Lisa and Jeff McCloud, Chicago, IL


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