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Linda Live! The Change You Feared is Here but Not to be Feared


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Webinar held, Saturday, March 28th, 2020, 1:00 – 2:00 pm PT

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In this webinar, Linda and Ray channel information from Linda's Spirit Guides about how this onslaught of change, specifically what the Coronavirus is causing globally, and how it will affect your life forever. Using Linda's true-life experiences on how she was able to deal with change and fear from the beginning of her life, with the help of her Guides, will help you pivot - before repeating another cycle of anxiety and depression about an uncertain future.

The changes that will affect your lifestyle are currently underway. In this webinar, Linda’s Spirit Guides expose the truth about what is really happening and how to make the needed changes. These changes will become your best defense against an outside world that only causes increased confusion.

"Some people are lucky enough to find one thing that changes their life. Through my coaching sessions with Linda, reading her books, and joining her Weekly Guided Insights Live!  event on Facebook, she has changed my life more than any other person ever has.” ~ Susan W. - Dallas


"Just listened to your last webinar again. As always, I experienced so many great insights and came away with a sense of loving healing. I can't wait for your next one!"  ~  Rebecca, Santa Monica, CA


"Having attended dozens of live seminars and events over the years, never have I come away with more life-altering information that I could put to immediate use than when I experience Linda Live" ~ Janet, Fairfax, VA 


"From reading GUIDED and getting regular coaching sessions with Linda for over 2 years, my life has been changed in so many ways. Having experienced the energy of Linda and her spirit guides Live! in person, was beyond anything I ever expected!" ~ Joanne T. - Madison, WI


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