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Linda Live! The Light Beings – Humanity is at a Tipping Point

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1-hour live event … Webinar held, November 28th, 2020

Linda Deir

This webinar was held, Saturday, November 28th, 2020, 1:00 – 2:00 pm PT

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In this webinar, Ray and Linda will channel information from the Light Beings … here’s a glimpse of what these Light Beings will be revealing ...

"We are the Light Beings Linda has known all her life, also referred to as her Spirit Guide Angels. We speak for our Infinite Legions … Humanity is at a Tipping Point… and Not a Time To Make Critical Decisions ...

  • Just as more people are waking up to the Truth, dark forces are attempting to fear people into making decisions they don’t agree with. These attacks are designed to control your choices, your freedoms, and your life experiences… you are being tested!
  • The unconscious and uninformed among you will expect everyone to live by imposed mandates. These decisions will be attacks on your Free Will and will build to a crescendo during 2021 as resistance to forced decisions causes tremendous pushback around the World!
  • This time of great turmoil is a New Beginning for humanity. Learn how much decision time you actually have during this time of Truth and Disclosure.

Learn what peoples’ reactions will be once the Truth is revealed on a mass scale.”


The timely insights the Light Beings will be sharing in this webinar will better prepare you both, psychologically and spiritually, for the growing turmoil ahead.

Get ready, as your strength of conviction is about to be tested like never before.

The Light Beings can see what you cannot. They have been waiting for you to be ready.

“The Light Beings help us see what’s right in front of our faces but were reluctant to accept. My perspective on what’s going on around me and in the world has changed 180 degrees.” – Jenny M, Los Gatos, CA


“Having attended your last two webinars made me start doing my own research into the things I used to take at face value and never questioned. I am becoming a different person… one I like a lot better.” – Andre G, Montreal


“Your Live! Events have opened my eyes to the fear that was controlling my life and hurting me. I’m learning how to make better decisions and can’t thank you enough.” – Bonnie S, Sugarland, TX

1 review for Linda Live! The Light Beings – Humanity is at a Tipping Point

  1. Viola Conradi

    These webinars keep me on the right track, together with the 4 step writing programme and the weekly guided insights. This webinar is very powerful. It entered right into my heart. I felt a bit restless after the webinar because the messages are very confronting. I realize it is necessary to receive confronting messages in order to stay alert and awake to the truth. I am so grateful for Linda, Ray and the guides and the work they do. I am glad to be part of their tribe.

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