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Linda Live! The Light Beings – Post Election Chaos

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1-hour Webinar

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This webinar was held, Saturday, October 31st, 2020, 1:00 – 2:00 pm PT

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In this webinar, Linda and Ray channel information from the Light Beings.

"We are the Light Beings Linda has known all her life, also referred to as her Spirit Guide Angels."

Here’s a glimpse of what the Light Beings told us they will be revealing in this webinar …

“In this webinar, you will learn about what the chaos will be so you won't react with a fear-based response. Your life will feel more unpredictable than ever before. Fear tactics will be at an all-time high, so you must get prepared for the next wave of propaganda."

These timely insights the Light Beings will be sharing with you will better prepare you both, psychologically and spiritually, for the coming chaos. Get ready, as your free-will is about to be tested like never before."

The Light Beings can see what you cannot. They have been waiting for you to be ready.

"Last month's webinar felt very powerful to me; after watching it I felt jumpy and restless – I took immediate action in order to be prepared for what is coming."  ~ Viola, Netherlands


"Your webinars are so helpful. I can not find information like this anywhere else. Thank you, Linda, Ray and the Light Beings." ~ Sky, Los Angeles, CA


"I live alone and do not know anyone who isn't either scared or mad. Your webinars clear all this up for me. I am grateful for the heads up, along with clarity moving forward."  ~ Gregg Madison, NY 

1 review for Linda Live! The Light Beings – Post Election Chaos

  1. Nina B.

    After watching this webinar I went to sleep and had this dream. At everyone’s doorstep were two boxes containing blue books. While in the dream I asked, is this our new way of life, or were these books for disposal? Is this the result of the election? Are these books new guidelines and restrictions being mandated to us?

    Upon awakening, this is what I felt from this dream. What will this election week show us as we navigate through the Awakening?

    In this webinar, the Light Beings had much to say about the results following the election and the chaos to follow. Here’s what I got from this webinar. We must stay in a state of preparedness as our lives, our economy, our world shifts. There will be many twists and turns. Don’t buy into the fearful mandates. The darkness will not let go without a fight.

    Also … to be aware, be strong, and keep our faith. Journaling our daily experiences will be critical to this awakening. With our journal entries, the truth appears when we ask ourselves how it made us feel? The next question is, what do you now realize? What action have you taken and how will you apply these insights in your life. Do not buy into the fear. Keep breathing. Keep moving forward because you are not alone.
    For more, see Linda Deir’s, “My Journal Writing”, Part 3

    • Linda Deir

      Nina … excerpt from your dream, “At everyone’s doorstep were two boxes containing blue books. Is this our new way of life or were these books for disposal?”

      My interpretation … The phrase “everyone’s doorstep” makes it clear that this is bigger than you. “New way of life” is what these books contain. “Books for disposal” is what some people will do with them, dismissing the “blue books” with the new mandates. Hence, post-election chaos.

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