My Guided Journey 19-MP3 audio tracks | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

My Guided Journey 19-MP3 audio tracks


  • Linda tells your story as it triggers your early life. You will be inspired by the clarity you gain from discovering “the real you,” not “the you” who has become filled with anxiety and doubt.

I took the ‘journey back’ through my life in Part Two of My Guided Journey and discovered things about myself that I had blocked out that were holding me back. It was like being frozen in time. I wrote them in my journal, which opened the rest of this time capsule of buried memories.

Remembering all this and writing it in my journal, I finally have power over those early decisions. I do recommend listening to the MP3s for each page before you write in them. That’s what got me moving in the right direction.” – Becky in Boulder


Listen to the MP3, associated with each chapter of Part Two in My Guide Journey. Doing this will trigger your memory revealing what really happened in your early life. Recovering this dormant knowledge is critical to your life going forward. You will see why, where, and how early decisions you made as an ill-equipped child have been the root problem of your decision-making ever since.

You will free yourself from a reactionary past so you can gain clarity going forward. These MP3s not only wake up this hidden knowledge, you will be charged with thinking at a higher level. This is where your Spirit Guides and Angels reside and can reach you. Your reconnection to “them” will be reestablished. You will know you are not alone and always being guided.


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