JOURNAL - My Guided Journey, companion "journal" to GUIDED

JOURNAL – My Guided Journey, companion “journal” to GUIDED

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The Companion “journal” to: Guided

  • My Guided Journey Immediate download
  • Content (the interior of the book) is the same “full version” as the published version on Amazon.
  • Prints onto standard 8-1/2″ x 11-0″ paper.

My Guided Journey is a companion “journal” to my best-selling autobiography, GUIDED – Winner of the 2017 Int’l Body/Mind/Spirit Book Award.

This “journal” takes you on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. As a result of a challenging childhood, I discovered this system by living it. In my flagship book, GUIDED, I take you on my “Guided Journey,” so you can see what’s possible when you take your guided journey.

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Linda Deir



“My Guided Journey” is exactly that. It’s a “guided” journey back through your life accompanied by the author, reminding you who you are. Each chapter in Part 2 of My Guided Journey, includes a video of Linda guiding you through that chapter of your life, on your journey back to finally heal the issues in your past that have been hanging you up and holding you back.

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey … Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir

In the author’s book, Guided, Linda outlined her own life’s spiritual journey in her Award-winning autobiography, “GUIDED” – WINNER! of the Int’l Body-Mind-Spirit Book Award.

The pain and fear you experience in your life didn’t just “show up” one day. It was derived from your perception of what you experienced growing up. Those perceptions became your beliefs and turned out to be the undoing of your life later … with relationships, jobs, accomplishments, and your dreams. If only you could stop making the same bad decisions over and over. You can!

Following the outlined in this book, step-by-step, has been described as, “an amazing combination of spirituality and unexpected psychology.” By writing down what’s holding you back, starting with the “My Journal Writing” section in Part 3, you will begin to identify the specific problem. Then, through the introspective questioning process in each chapter and journal writing page of the book, you will pinpoint where in your life you went off track. Once written down on paper and observed outside of you, you will realize what needs to be done and the action you must take. The by-product will be healing that past issue, releasing old patterns that were controlling you … giving you your life back. The natural by-product of healing your past is having a connection to source energy, your Spirit Guides, your Higher-Self, whatever you want to call it. This is an unstoppable combination!

Following this system, you will learn to become a consistent and powerful life coach for anyone who wants to live their higher purpose.

Become your own Life Coach. Like Lisa, a reader from London, who said, “I’ve spent thousands on therapy, but with this one book, I was able to go back and face those painful memories, write them down like Linda guided me to do, so they would be healed, and halt their influence in my life!” My Life has taken on a new direction.

“My Guided Journey” restores lives.

My Guided Journey includes …
1. A free Journal Writing section in Part 3 of the book to start chronicling your journey.
2. Video support with Linda, guiding you through each of the 18 Chapters in Part 2.
3. 19-convenient MP3 audio support downloads.
4. Free Journal Writing refill pages you can download to write on and reprint. 

“My Guided Journey of Self-Discovery & Personal Transformation” … a lifeline to keep you on your path, not just get you there.” ~ Linda Deir

One on One Training with Linda Deir

5 reviews for JOURNAL – My Guided Journey, companion “journal” to GUIDED

  1. Viola Conradi

    My Guided Journey, the companion journal to Linda’s true story, Guided, has changed my life. By doing the journaling every day, I experience new layers in my life and in my being, which brings me more to the essence of my path every time I write in it. It is a continuous process. I have been quite a nervous person, not really grounded, always ‘busy,’ and quite fearful for a lot of reasons. The guidance I received in the first year during the journaling process was to breathe and relax. It sounds simple, but by being calm and relaxed and to breathe deeply … I am now a different person! A better, more relaxed, and calmer person. I am much more in touch with my inner being and higher guidance.

    I recommend My Guided Journey with my whole heart and soul. It helps you to see things clearly for yourself. Especially in these challenging times. For me, this journal has become my savior.

  2. Kathy Cartagena

    Linda Deir has written the book which changed my life more than any other book. Her true life story “Guided”, and the companion Journal writing system, “My guided journey”, is just that. Daily entries in the My Guided Journey, puts you in touch, not only with your inner thoughts, but also helps you realize how your inner thoughts make you feel, your realizations, and how you will act upon those thoughts going forward. It is the most thorough process I have found to bring you in touch with what is going on inside of you. It becomes a road map when you review your past writings. This is what helps you see perfectly what the universe is showing you.
    This system is highly recommended!

  3. Veronica Baca

    I highly recommend this journaling process. I’ve used it as the author designed it, and it really has resulted in practical self realizations making my life easier, better, and more free. If these things are of value to you, give this a go. There are even some of us using it who keep in touch regularly because we appreciate support of working with others on a similar path. You can find us on Linda Deir’s social media platforms.

  4. Joy

    My Guided Journey, the companion journal is a wonderful process to discover who and why you are the way you are. Using the journal to answer key questions about early recollections and discovering the root of how we have come to be is a freeing experience. Once you realize how past experiences have formed your opinions of everything in life you can then be more open to see things from a less biased view. I am grateful to have been able to go through this process to realize that I am a product of my experiences. I have the opportunity to now see and be the person I truly am.

  5. Rebecca Andrews

    Linda’s “Guided Journal Writing System” has been a life-alerting experience for my family and me.

    After reading her book, Guided, I was fascinated by how Linda connected with her guides and was thrilled to know I could learn how to do what she does, by adopting her journaling method.

    Her journals are a step-by-step fluid process that helped me clear out past traumas (that block my guidance from coming through), as well as allowed me to journal regularly to identify the daily guidance that is in my life, and from there, take action on it.

    The process is so easy to follow that I’ve incorporated it into my children’s lives. Before bed, we do our journaling with Part 3 of My Guided Journey. We write down and identity guidance in our day, write out how it makes us feel, what we realize from it, and how we can use it in action in our lives.

    My children have taken so well to it (since they have so little trauma and fear or blocks in their lives) that their guidance just flows onto the pages.

    I’m so grateful for these books because my children and I now have a way to get through life as they grow and they also have records of how we got to where we are today.

    These books are a must-have.
    They end up being the handbook for your life.

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