JOURNAL - My Guided Journey

JOURNAL – My Guided Journey, companion “journal” to GUIDED


The Companion “journal” to: GUIDED, by Linda Deir

  • My Guided Journey download
  • Content (the interior of the book) is the same “full version” as the published version on Amazon.
  • Prints onto standard 8-1/2″ x 11-0″ paper.

My Guided Journey is a companion “journal” to my best-selling autobiography, GUIDED – Winner of the 2017 Int’l Body/Mind/Spirit Book Award.

This “journal” takes you on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. As a result of a challenging childhood, I discovered this system by living it. In my flagship book, GUIDED, I take you on my “Guided Journey,” so you can see what’s possible when you take your guided journey. Linda Deir



“My Guided Journey” is the companion “journal” to my flagship book, GUIDED. While GUIDED became an instant success, the flood of fans asking me how they could connect with their Guides was unexpected.

The immediate reaction was an avalanche of fans ordering coaching sessions with Linda. Fans spoke directly to their Spirit Guides, Angels, and others. Their number one question is always, “Linda, how can I communicate with my Spirit Guides like this – all the time?” Linda’s answer – “It’s so easy a baby could do it – it’s so easy a baby did do it. It’s already inside of you.” GUIDED is my journey and how it works; “My Guided Journey” is yours.

“Having listened to GUIDED, and learning how Linda did it,
I felt I could learn to communicate with my Spirit Guides too.
I got My Guided Journey when it was a work-in-progress.
I joined Linda on her weekly Live Video Events where
I received personal help from her, and spoke to
my Spirit Guides. Powerful and accurate.
This journal has changed my life and
will be a legacy to my kid“s.
~ Robert, San Antonio