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Guided Journey

Prepping from Within – what you need to know, and do

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Guided Journey Webinar

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This 1-hour webinar includes the worksheet from part 3 of My Guided Journey©, so you can follow along.

Live what you are learning on your Journey, in the world as it is right nowBonus Webinar: ($29. value) When you register for this webinar you will receive the replay of the first Guided Journey Webinar free of charge, entitled; Live what you are learning on your Journey, in the world as it is right now.

Linda Deir is creator of the Guided Journey, a self-directed counseling service that her Guides and her developed to get you on your path – free to everyone. In this Guided Journey Webinar you will learn how Prepping from Within will give you the greatest advantage to live your best life ever.

Prepping from within is a process - once you start - the process becomes an automatic rapid-fire series of ah-ha moments strung together. To capture these “moments” you must write them down. In this webinar, I provide the journal entry pages for you to print out, to capture the ah-ha moments you will be having when the Guides speak.

You will be gaining clarity, as their messages resonate within you, awakening your critical thinking, so you can apply what you will be realizing about yourself. The kind of “Prepping from Within” you will experience in this webinar, will bring knowledge to the surface you could not access, until now.

In this webinar, the Light Beings will be speaking to you about Prepping from Within, as I explain how it works.

This “Guided Journey Webinar” is followed up with my free self-directed counseling service entitled the; “Guided Journey,” that offers parents, coaches, counselors, teachers, professors, psychologists, friends, and families self-help strategies found nowhere else, so you can put what you will be learning about yourself into action. You will discover that life is not meant to be hard. What makes it hard is people's resistance to it.

The uncertainty is mounting. Waste no more time in getting prepared. Register for this webinar today.


1 review for Prepping from Within – what you need to know, and do

  1. Olivia

    Wow!!!! That was a super powerful webinar. I’ve listened to it 3 times already today and will keep listening tomorrow to keep absorbing it.

    I have been feeling this purging happening of my past through my journal writing and I hadn’t had any expectations of how it would be, but boy does it feel rewarding to feel the fear losing its grip on me.

    I actually feel the healing the guides are talking about. It’s all just been happening so quickly and at a rapid speed. It’s like I turned a gear (journaling) and bang, it all just started enormous momentum.

    I feel done with the paralyzing fears and love this new experience of journaling and working through this, as I see fear losing its hold. This is a major area I really want to work through, as I do not want to be held down by fear at any level anymore. I’m done!!

    It’s funny, I feel guided all the time to write. When I am writing in my journal, usually 3 times a day, then something shifts immediately.

    I love it when the Guides said, “Everything you are writing in your journal will expose your true purpose for being here in this lifetime.” 🙂

    I sensed my guidance mentioning my purpose and work in my journal writing lately. I’m excited to see how this all unfolds.
    Much gratitude! 🙂

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