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Start Living Your Awakening Now


Guided Journey Webinar

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This 45-minute webinar includes the worksheet from part 3 of My Guided Journey©, so you can follow along.

Live what you are learning on your Journey, in the world as it is right nowBonus Webinar: ($29. value) When you register for this webinar you will receive the replay of the first Guided Journey Webinar free of charge, entitled; Live what you are learning on your Journey, in the world as it is right now.

Linda Deir is creator of the Guided Journey, a self-directed counseling service that her Guides and her developed to get you on your path – free to everyone. In this Webinar, using part 3 of "My Guided Journey©," the Guides and Linda will talk about, "the urgency of beginning your awakening journey without delay!"

The current world you inhabit is devoid of vitality, lacking a promising future, and beyond repair. Regrettably, the existing leadership shows no inclination or ability to mend its shortcomings; indeed, they are exacerbating its decline. Amidst this backdrop, you find yourself caught once more in the survival-centric confines of 3D existence.

Throughout your life, you've faithfully adhered to the conventional norms, taking its toll on your well-being. By relinquishing your attachment to illusions of the 3D world by embracing the reality that positive change won't materialize through external sources, you begin dismantling the self-imposed confines you've unwittingly placed yourself in. Remember, while you may be blinded by your circumstances, your Guides possess the clarity to understand your situation.

During this upcoming webinar, the Guides and I will unveil the transformative path that liberates you from this monotony, enabling you to manifest your future self – the awakened version of you. Just like you, I too am looking forward to what the Guides' have to say about this awakening journey while detaching from a fractured world.


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