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Support the work of Linda Deir, THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME

Support the work of Linda Deir …

"Thank you for helping me."

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REVIEWS: From supporters who found my true story, GUIDED, then found my work:

Review for, GUIDED: "Food for thought! I am grateful to have read the author's story of her life as a few of her experiences echo a few of my own. It's helpful to take support and strength from her struggles when I find myself stumbling off the path. The book renewed my faith in myself, a rare gift from a rare author. You will be inspired and challenged to be your authentic self."

~ Pamela K

Review for, GUIDED: "Thanks Linda. Most interesting how she got the amazing photo of her Guide. This book was just another reinforcement of remembering that our guides are there to Help and Guide us, which will make sailing through life much more simple and with ease. I want to thank Linda for sharing her real life encounters and how she survived so many situations because she Listened to her Guides and went in the direction that they showed her to take."

Roxanne Primorac

Review for, GUIDED: "THIS BOOK WAS THE CATALYST TO START HEALING MY SOUL. FIVE STARS are not enough for this incredible book which made me laugh, cry, think, and become determined to continue on the path that I feel guided to take! I finished it in four days flat! I could hardly stop to sleep, eat and go to work!

This book gave me hope that I can heal someday. My biggest wish is that, with the help of my guides, I can heal my mind, body and soul, as well as my heart!

The twists and turns that Linda's real life takes will leave you in awe of how she survived brutal abuse from her mother since she was an infant, and how, with the help of her guides, she was able to build many successful businesses and get out of them in time to avoid ruin. I was particularly amazed how her guides helped her deal with her love partners and how they let her know when she had found her one true love!

Thank you Linda for writing your book, for being courageous enough to survive your mother and for giving us the incredible gift that you are now giving us. I am eternally grateful to my guides for bringing you into my life exactly at the time when I asked them to please show me a way to communicate with them because I needed help healing! So they sent YOU!!

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. As a matter of fact, I bought PART 2 of the book, which is a journal that will help you in connecting with your own guides!

For anyone who is interested in learning to navigate life with the same help that Linda had throughout hers, this book is a must read!

Absolutely fantastic and a testament to what is possible when you are open to the help that is available to all of us, if we know how to listen to it!"


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