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Linda Deir

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Lessons from: Guided

"You can't see it when you're in it ... but your Guides can."

"Your Guides see what you cannot ... and remember what you forgot."

"Your Guides will never let you down ... in the end, they my be the only ones who don't let you down."

"You learn little and blame much ... in an effort to understand your suffering."

"Your resistance ... creates your suffering."

"Only when you are being true to yourself ... do you recognize if something is missing."

"Fear happens when ... you step outside the present moment - and forget who you are."

"Turning to others for advice will give you opinions ... turning to your Spirit Guides will give you solutions."

"Free yourself from the expectations of ... having to be right with the wrong information."

"Stuff only allows you to ... rent temporary pleasure."

"What you don't know fills the infinite universe ... what you do know only fills your mind."

"Attending to what enters your awareness and apply that to the present moment ... is Living a Guided Life."

“Guidance is what you asked “us” for … when we already sent you the answer, but you didn’t want to hear it”

"We" (your spirit guides and angels) believe in what we feel ... you believe in how you feel."

"When the fear that blocks learning is removed ... only then can your Guides reach you."

"Be patient with your real self ... as you nurture it back into existence."

"Keep your guidance to yourself ... so you can act on it while it's still valid, without interference."

"Intuition Has A Shelf Life ... use It or lose it."

"Nothing happens 'to' you ... everything happens 'for' you."

"You are never alone ... and always being guided, so you know what to do and when to do it."

"As you align with your guidance, becoming more like your Spirit Guides ... you will start to think clearly and see things for what they really are, so you can become who you really are."

"Love means, always looking together ... in the same direction."

"Once you understand who you are ... you can become more of what you are."

"Your Guides show you where to look ... not what to see."

"Fear stops you from believing in yourself ... and experiencing new things."

~ Linda Deir