Recycling your Fear-Based Patterns | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“What is the definition of recycling? 

Recycling became popular several decades ago. People started sorting their garbage of plastics, glass, paper goods, and anything that could be used again. Recycling centers showed up in many cities, even small ones. They took on an air of community – a place people gathered to do something good for the environment. After all, if things got recycled the landfills wouldn’t be so stressed, the oceans wouldn’t be filled with plastic garbage floating around. Recycling gave people a noble cause.

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However, when you recycle your fear patterns, who is benefiting? …

… certainly not you. Once the fear starts the patterns take hold keeping you stuck in the same patterns. This has been programmed into you for decades, ensuring that you continue to make the same fear-based decisions. This is the conditioning that would make you susceptible to being stuck in fear so you could be controlled by it.

Here are a few fear-based reactions to resisting change;

“I can’t change now, I’m too old.” “I can’t change now, because my friends and family would abandon me.” “I can’t change now, because I don’t love myself enough to trust that I will be better off.” When you keep recycling your fear-based patterns, it’s like recycling the garbage in your life.

Fear-based patterns set you up for justifications like these, “what’s wrong with my decisions? … after all, they’re the same decisions everyone else is making. My friends and I have the same outlook on life, the same political views, the same desires about what we consider a fun vacation, sporting events, and activities with the children – what could be wrong with that?” What we see as wrong is what you are exampling to your children … perpetuating your fear-based patterns, settling for mediocrity. Stuck in a pattern of wanting to fit in.

Wanting to belong and fit in started in childhood. It began when you forgave the ones who forced their fear-based beliefs on you by taking the blame for what they did to you. You, the child, took on all the responsibility and shame by assuming something was wrong with you. Then you married someone just like them, still blaming yourself when it didn’t work out. This thinking is incorrect and self-harming and is what keeps people stuck and unable to move forward in their life.

Changing your fear-based beliefs is very difficult. The longer you hold onto a belief system the harder it is to change it, even in the face of insurmountable proof to the contrary. No matter how much new information is presented to someone who is stuck in their beliefs they still find it very difficult to accept that they made wrong decisions years ago.”


  • People are stuck in patterns that harm them far beyond what they can see.

  • When confronted with evidence or new information that exposes their false beliefs, they shut down and attack the other person.

  • Examine what you are recycling. If you keep up this pattern you will keep on getting more of what’s wrong in your life.

HOW IT WORKS: The reality is, when things appear not to be working out or that you feel you made a mistake, it’s because it is not right for you. This clarity of the situation will bring you one step closer to resolving the real problem, that you have been living your entire life mimicking your parents and other fear-based influencers, causing you to mindlessly make fear-based decisions.

To solve this dilemma of defaulting into the pattern of making any more fear-based decisions you must start tracking your steps, like a private investigator. To do this you must start writing down your thoughts and actions. Once you see it on the pages you will see the grip fear has had on you. These realizations will give you the power to overcome it, layer by layer, so you can get your life back. Imagine a life that is not dominated by fear. That will be new to you! ~ Linda Deir

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