Rethink Everything You Thought You Knew
  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will have a new perspective when rethinking what you thought you knew.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you know if you are on the right path or not.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … question everything you thought you knew.


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Exactly, what is it you think you know?

Is what you think you know coming from the repetition of habits and things you learned long ago? This is like living the same year over again for 50 years of your life and calling that a life. That is not a life, that’s just one year of your life repeated 50 times.

Suppose you examine what you thought you knew and discover that you were wrong about it? Having lived by those thoughts and habits repeatedly for years, every year of your life, what have you learned? What is the new feeling you get and what do you now realize about what you thought you knew?

What gets in the way of new thinking is change. People don’t like to change. So, if they assume that they are right, already having everything figured out, it is unlikely they will change even when the facts supporting the change are staring them in the face.

Society programs you to resist change …

while it reinforces that you buy the brands that you do, the political party you belong to, the religion you follow, your consumer buying habits, and how you perceive the world. That’s why you get so upset when someone challenges you when presenting a different worldview. It goes against everything you thought you knew even when the evidence and research prove that your thinking was wrong and is still wrong.

So, rather than being open to the truth, you resist the new information. You fear the new information would force you to face what you thought was right including the decisions you made from those beliefs. People take it so personally that they can’t admit they were wrong all along.

Getting yourself to actually take into consideration any new information that would require change on your part is either scary or perceived as too much work. So, what happens is you decide not to do the work and remain in your former oblivious state. Or, you swallow hard and actually make a new decision, learn something new, and then realize how good the new decision makes you feel. It opened your mind, freeing you to live differently moving forward.


  • People must “realize” they have been living their lives on societal autopilot before they can change.
  • Being open to rethinking everything will allow you to stop taking things for granted or take things personally.
  • You will discover that the rest of your life will be more fun and interesting than repeating the past.

HOW IT WORKS: Living your life on autopilot is not living. So much of what you thought you knew is not true at all. Becoming conscious will required you to challenge your assumptions about what you thought you knew. The more you wake up, the more you will become conscious. The more conscious you become the harder it will be to hold onto outdated thinking and beliefs. I have created a system that takes only 15 minutes a day to bring you into consciousness. Following this roadmap to consciousness will make rethinking everything you thought you knew … a smooth transition, rather than one filled with fear of change. ~ Linda Deir