Second Contact – When the Conversations with your Spirit Guides Began | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will have a starting place when conversations with your invisible friends were fluent.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … rekindle the communication bridge to your Spirit Guides to finally be heard and understood.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … now that you have a safe place to master this, you must keep it to yourself in the beginning.


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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

As a child, did people ever ask you who you were talking to? 

By the way, this wasn’t the first time your Spirit Guides attempted to contact you. What did you tell them? How did that question make you feel? Were you surprised and thought to yourself maybe the people around you could hear them too? Did you feel embarrassed when you were caught talking to someone who wasn’t physically there? Was it a shock to you that those who you were talking to were real and always around you? Did other people have these friends too?

Many of you, not only talked to us but saw us or felt our presence.

  • At first, we were there to protect you.
  • Then, even though you were not able to talk well enough to communicate your thoughts to the people in your world, we telepathically understood everything you were feeling and thinking. We heard you and you heard us.

So, as you got older, what did you do? Did you tell your parents you were talking to us, your invisible friends? Or did you tell them nothing by saying, “oh, I was just talking to myself?” Many times, you were talking to your higher self who is an intermediary to us. Your higher self helps to put everything in proper perspective and never runs away with ego. Your higher self is steady, stable, calm, and quite wise. Second Contact - When the Conversations with your Spirit Guides Began

We like speaking with you telepathically. That’s our preferred method of communication and what you used before you came here. That’s how spirit families communicate before they incarnate. They don’t have to speak words because once you start speaking words the lies and exaggerations can come in. Speaking telepathically eliminates all the ego-driven agendas and keeping everything right out in the open.

Telepathy is the universal language and is derived from being connected.

If only you could communicate telepathically with your parents, the conversations would be much more interesting. Could it be that your parents spoke to us just like you did when they were small? How is it that they can’t do that anymore? What gets in the way of our wonderful conversations? It’s the pressures from parents, society, and the schools that do harm to our preferred method of communicating the truth to you.

While you are at the stage of communicating with us, whether it be telepathically or with words, you are in a state of bliss. It’s only once you begin to be told who you can talk to, what you can say, what you can do, and how you can act, that the pure communication between us starts to deteriorate.

The conversations you have with yourself are proof you are not alone. After all, a conversation involves more than one person.


CALL TO ACTION: Start your Self-Examination

HOW IT WORKS: How do children identify their experiences? How do they learn which words to describe to the adults what they are experiencing and what that feels like? They don’t think of it being a conversation with their Spirit Guides because they don’t feel separate from them … yet.

It’s not the young child’s job to have to figure out which words to use that the adults will understand. That’s far too complicated for a child to do. It’s the adult who needs to understand the language of the child. When this happens, you can help them apply the right word to the situation even though the situation doesn’t make sense to you yet. You both learn. You are learning to calm down and reconnect. The child lives in two worlds until they are forced to abandon the world they just came from. ~ Linda Deir




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