Seeing Things for What They Really Are

In this episode, I talk about how your perceptions will change as you begin to see what’s really going on in your life and the world you live in.

Linda Deir talks about Seeing Things for What They Really AreIt’s a fact that the more your connection with your Spirit Guides grows, the more you will see everything for what it is, while you learn who you really are. This is when you become more like them, your Spirit Guides. They see everything for what it is all of the time. You are just beginning to see what they see. They know everything about you, why you are here, and what you intend to accomplish in this lifetime. Having them by your side to guide you, is not an option.

Making “room in your life” to receive their guidance will become imperative. Your line of communication with them becomes stronger as you become more authentic. That’s when your Spirit Guides can reach you. That’s the beacon the magnet that attracts them to you, the real you.

As you are becoming the real you, not the “you” …

everyone says you are or expects you to be, but the person you are just beginning to discover yourself, people will think that something is wrong with you.

The truth is, that for the first time in your life nothing is wrong with you, you are just now becoming authentically you. Attempting to explain this to the people who knew you as the person they expected and needed you to be will be an uphill battle. They were in your life because, you, who didn’t know yourself yet, willingly lived up to their expectations of who they needed you to be, for them.

This may be the hardest adjustment you will have to make as you continue to become more of who you really are. Once you start on this path, you, the real you, can never go back to just being what others insist that you be for their benefit. That’s an acting job. So just because you changed, don’t expect that everyone else will. There’s nothing wrong with them and you can’t pull them along if they don’t get it.

Seeing things for what they really are and being who you really are will not be popular. In fact, if you voice your opinion about how you see things you will be viewed as an oddball by most people. They will look at you like you don’t get it. You won’t be cool or fit in anymore. I’m telling you this so you won’t be disappointed when you start making progress only to find this out later on when it’s too late when you can’t go back.

I have seen so many people dive into this and become lost once they realized the flip side. They actually believed that something was wrong with them and because of that they just got more lost than they were before they started on their path. Their connection to their guides was not strong enough or long enough to avoid the self doubt they fell into. Their fears instantly interrupted them, stopped them from believing in themselves and experiencing new things.

No one warned me either, but I had an advantage since I have always had this ongoing relationship with my Spirit Guides. Being different has always been more than okay with me since the benefits far outweighed the price I paid for being the oddball that many people have labeled me as being.


Seeing things for what they really are will not always be easy.


It’s the truth, and that’s not popular. If the truth was popular there wouldn’t be so much deception. That’s also why there’s a scarcity of love, real love. So while so many people are starving for love, they really have it backward. It starts with the truth, it starts with you.

So weigh the consequences of living a safe okay life, versus a meaningful one. Either way, there will be consequences. Remember that choosing a meaningful life will require that you make room in your life for it. Don’t expect others to be happy for you or understand. Stay true to yourself as your connection with your Spirit Guides develops. You will no longer just be just stuck here, doing time like most people. From this, you learn, know and understand anything you need at just the right time because you have your Spirit Guides guiding you every step of the way.

By the way, there is no safe okay life anymore. A major shift is underway and since you are here you intended to be part of this. If you are feeling uneasy, then that’s your Spirit Guides nudging you to make a course correction. Everything you feel is coming from that divine truth. Trust it and let it guide you.

Guided, Chapter 5 – Consequences of My Choices

TIP:  For many, the truth appears to be coarse. That’s why the phrase “politically correct” became so popular. That’s how the coddling of society began. It’s no longer okay to speak the truth.

Your Spirit Guides don’t follow any of this. The whole point in having input from your Spirit Guides is to get the truth. So, if you are offended by the truth, there will be times when you won’t like what your Spirit Guides have to tell you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to hear it. ~ Linda Deir

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