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“Soul vows are unlike any other vows.

You made these soul vows, together with your Spirit Family, long before you came here. In fact, you spent more time making these soul vows than the time it would take to actually live them out in this lifetime.

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What’s so different about these soul vows is … they are a promise you made to yourself. The other vows you made are promises to others.

Vows are challenged by free-will. In preparing for this life, you were excited about coming here because you felt you could accomplish anything once you got here. This was the basis upon which these soul vows were made – what you intended to achieve in this lifetime, with the help of your Spirit Guides and Angels.

Vows are made at different times throughout your life. Unlike the soul vows that you made before you got here, these earthly vows are made after you arrived into this lifetime. These are the vows you make to others like; “Until death do us part,” or, “For better or for worse,” something you promise another person, that is until one of these vows play out. This is when the vows you made to that other person become real.

Until vows are challenged, do they come to the forefront of your life. Some vows are more powerful than others. Just ask anyone who’s been married, once or twice. These vows you make to others are really something you use to check on yourself. What people call, “keeping yourself on the straight and narrow.” In reality, these vows are earthly vows and not ironclad. If they were, then nobody would ever get a divorce.

The soul vows are something you can’t get away from because you didn’t make them to another person – you made them to yourself.

If you fall short of honoring those soul vows during this lifetime, then you will get another chance in the next one.

Soul vows and earthly vows are different because soul vows are a commitment, while earthly vows are a promise. You shouldn’t feel guilty about not living up to the earthly vows because it may not have been your fault. In marriages people have difficulty with the, “Until death do us part,” and the, “For better or worse,” vows. Ask anyone who has been cheated on, you may not have cheated on the other person, so why would you feel compelled to honor the vow you made to stay with them when they were the one who broke it?

Although you may love someone, after they break their vow to you, you may never trust them again. Some people may not even meet the person they will be able to live up to a promise, “Until death do us part,” until they are older, like in their 50s or 60s, or later.

You must be flexible with promises, but diligent with soul vows.

It’s a known fact that many people make earthly vows they go back on. There are millions and millions of before photographs of people who what to lose weight and get into shape, but where are all the “after” pictures? More gave up than performed on that promise to themselves.

So, be clear on the difference between promises you make to others and soul vows you made to yourself. You will be working on at least one of your soul vows over many lifetimes.


  • Soul vows are the commitments you made to your real self.
  • Soul vows never forget why you came here.
  • People use all kinds of wishy-washy vows in their life like affirmations, which are just watered-down soul vows.

HOW IT WORKS: Soul vows produce a constant stirring of the soul. Your soul is relentless in seeing that you achieve what you came here to do, this time around. This soul urge is an introspection, combined with your Spirit Family guiding you toward your intended destination. Most people experience an intensity of this urge as they get older. The reason is by this time in your life, most of the earthly urges have been fulfilled or at least understood. You are now free to fulfill your soul’s destiny. This is why the connection to your Spirit Family will become more important than ever before. ~ Linda Deir

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