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… expect the unexpected, with moment after moment of clarity!

Linda is an intriguing Podcast Guest who loves call-ins, Platform Speaker, Panelist or Keynote Speaker.

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INVITE Linda to be a Guest on your show, or speak at your Event


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Linda Deir, healer/teacher,

spiritual solutions for mental wellness

Linda Deir is an engaging and intriguing thought leader on the subjects of consciousness, dreams, self-discovery, and personal transformation … and most importantly – how to live it!

She brings electrifying energy and groundbreaking insights to your Podcast, Radio show, TV show, panel, streaming broadcast, event, meeting, book club, study group, classroom, or gathering. The energy speaks through her from her source-connected guidance. Insights that remind you who you are, why you are here … and how to live it!

A mix of spiritual awakenings and unexpected psychology, with Linda’s straightforward style.

People seek out, author, speaker, transition coach, and trainer, Linda Deir … wanting to learn what her true story, GUIDED teaches – the ways guidance works, how to make the connection to your own Guides, so you can heal your life and live the life you intended.

These are the same people who realize something is radically wrong in this world.

Technology I use for Interviews

AUDIO – RODE Studio Quality Microphone 

INTERNET CONNECTION – 300 Mbps, hardwire connection 

Technology I use for Interviews