Spirit Guide Angel GUIDED Meditation Video | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

 Spirit Guide Angel GUIDED Meditation Video

Do not watch this video while driving or operating equipment

This is a real photograph Linda Deir took in 1994 of her “Spirit Guide Angel.” Linda happened to have her Nikon 35 mm camera in hand when “she” materialized right out of the TV located behind “her.”  A moment after Linda took the picture her “Spirit Guide Angel” “she” dissipated into thin air.

Seeing is believing… “They” are energy who when “they” allow “themselves” to be seen materialize for a purpose. This photograph became the front cover of Linda’s book: Guided. “They” do this by using our energy, in this case, the “Spirit Guides and Angels” harnessed the high-voltage of the TV’s chassis to project “herself” into the room so “she” could be seen and the world would believe. ~ Linda Deir

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