Spiritual Meanings of the Global Market Correction | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

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  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will see beneath the surface of what’s really going on in global market corrections.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … start making course corrections to your own lifestyle now.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … here’s what to do to stay on a solid path going forward.


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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

The event the world is focused on is the global stock markets and how last year’s performance was the worst in a decade.

(Source; Google search term: us stock market 2018) People see it as a disappointment. They waited and watched it go up year after year without any real blips, and now it all starts falling apart at once.


… is designed to spoil the stock market euphoria. It doesn’t look at what’s really going on. The news repeats, not reports. Repeating programs the mind, rather than informing it.

THE SPIRITUAL MEANING OF THE GLOBAL MARKET CORRECTION is exhibiting a world that is shaky, volatile, and prone to drastic moves at a moment’s notice. People who are prone to get caught off-guard by sudden movements will respond in panic. They will be facing false expectations and beliefs about a future that will be drastically different than what they expected. These people are being awakened out of their hypnotic trance of greed that supported an over-extended lifestyle that became their “normal.” When they couldn’t make enough money, like almost everyone else they were influenced by, they played the stock market. Until a disappointment like this happens, they never considered themselves to be overextended, just supplementing their income, or building a retirement nest egg.

The spiritual meaning of this event is that the over-extended lifestyle is coming to an end.  Even if you are not invested in the stock market or living beyond your means, your life will still feel the impact of sudden movements like this, causing various degrees of uncertainty for everyone. This correction is a warning and just one of many more to come. 

PEOPLE’S REACTION TO THE EVENT is devastating for some. Others who are not in the stock market are thankful they are not but do not understand the repercussions of how a falling market will impact their lives too. The repercussions are that the economies will suffer; jobs will suffer placing pressure on every aspect of society. Desperate people are disconnected and will do desperate things.

WHEN YOU MISS THE SPIRITUAL MEANING OF THE EVENT it happens in two ways; you ignore it, so you don’t have to hear it or see it. Acting like it doesn’t affect you, you will continue to miss it while doing the same things you’ve always done.

YOUR DECISION NOT TO FOLLOW THE GUIDANCE is a feeling that maybe doing nothing will make it go away. That you don’t want to face the real implications or dangers that are staring you in the face, no matter how you are positioned. You will miss the guidance that would have made your life a lot easier and more interesting – keeping you on a solid path.

YOUR DECISION TO FOLLOW YOUR GUIDANCE is the prudent choice, however, your friends, family, and neighbors may see it differently when you heed the spiritual meaning of an event. They will feel offended when you take a proactive approach through listening to and following your guidance – and they don’t. Mindlessly abiding by the societal norms, they will feel like you abandoned them. There will always be consequences – even when you do the right thing.

HOW IT WORKS: This global market “correction” set off a loud warning shot around the world. So, what’s the spiritual meaning in it for you? How much of a “correction” do you feel you need to make in your own life? It’s impossible to know this answer when you are disconnected. So, how do you make the connection? Here’s how you start. Without judgment; step back and observe how greed is affecting the choices of others, causing them to do things they wouldn’t normally do all because they are reacting out of fear. Notice how greed makes them unconscious and immoral, self-centered, and disconnected. This describes a dangerous and desperate society. The spiritual meaning of these sharp moves in the global markets is telling you that it’s time to make a significant course correction in your own life and lifestyle. Identify your own imbalances and write them down in your journal, only then, will you be able to see the problem. Now, ask your Spirit Guides to help you solve it. That’s their job. ~ Linda Deir




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