The Difference Between Experiences and Lessons

“What is the difference between experiences and lessons? 

Is one good and the other bad? No, not really. Experiences could be either one. These lessons that you are here to learn are part of the karmic lessons you failed to resolve in previous lifetimes. You bring them here when you reincarnate. It’s part of your plan to face them and resolve them before you are released from this lifetime.

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If you don’t resolve all this unfinished karmic business you will come back again, get another karmic redo, and attempt to face them once again so you can finally learn the lessons and be released from them.

These lessons never go away on their own.

That means you cannot avoid them. In that way, they are kind of like student loan debt because it’s a debt you can never escape from. In both cases, you are a student. This is a good way to look at your karmic debt, karmic residue, and unfinished business. Experiences are different. Experiences are something new, not something you haven’t finished yet. An example would be that you never rode on a roller coaster before. It was a new experience the first time you tried it. So, was it a good or bad experience?

It depends on the energy you felt during the experience.

Was it exhilarating or frightening? How did you feel different when you got off the ride? Did you feel like getting back in line to get back on the ride, or did you get nauseated and feel sick? Both were experiences, one positive and the other negative. So, not all experiences are good or bad, just different. You may have learned a lesson in the process from your experience, like; rides that throw you around and go at high speeds are just not for you, so you avoid them in the future. In that case, it was both a successful experience and a lesson. In both cases, you are always learning. It’s karmic lessons that are built on fear, doubt, inaction, and disbelief that follow you from lifetime to lifetime until you can face them and replace them with new experiences. Only when you can control your lessons can you begin to experience life differently.

Some people live their entire lives going from lesson to lesson.

This is indicative of a person who failed to face their lessons and resolve them in their past lives. They failed to correct the harmful energy and understanding why these karmic lessons keep following them around. This is more common than the people who come here to only have new experiences. In some cases, like mine, these karmic lessons are front-loaded early in your life. You have a rough start in this new life and struggle to get through it. Others come in without many challenges at all. Their lives “appear” to be charmed, at least from the perspective of those looking from the outside in. Nobody leads a charmed life for no reason. It’s just that these select few, who have achieved remarkable results in resolving their karmic lessons, receive experiences that reward them in this lifetime. During these experiences, you must have learned not to accumulate more karmic lessons that will need to be confronted, once again, and need to be resolved in another lifetime. This process is called, evolving through your spiritual existence. So, each time you are looking for an experience, we want you to think it through before you act:

  1. Write down what you would like this experience to be?
  2. How do you think it would make you feel?
  3. What would you realize from having this experience?
  4. What would you do differently, or not, after having it?


Managing experiences this way, you will start to develop habits that are good, rather than accumulating lessons that are painful and follow you into more lifetimes.



How It Works: How do you know when you have resolved your karmic lessons? Here’s how I received notification. At 16 years old, when I escaped the abusive family I was born into, I felt my entire body physically change. The trauma was leaving my body and my energy field. That family karma was behind me, even if they weren’t finished with theirs. Your karmic lessons are yours, and theirs is theirs. They are not the same. Another time was at 37 years old. I was guided to leave my hometown in California. My Spirit Guides informed me that it was time for me to leave, and let me know I would not see the entire reason for years to come. They were right. Look for the powerful, life-changing moments in your own life when you were released from what felt like the weight of the world being lifted off your shoulders. That’s karmic release. Your debt has been paid. ~ Linda Deir

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