The Difference Between “your life” and “a lifestyle”

In this life, you must develop both spiritually and materially.

What are some good spiritual qualities you must develop? We are going to explain the difference between “your life” and “a lifestyle.

You actually bring all these spiritual qualities with you when you first came here. They are things like; love, compassion, honesty, affection, a sense or understanding of giving, and you bring your innate intelligence with you. All of these are the tools you bring along with you when you come here and not things you develop or learn later on in your life.

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During your lifetime, you desire to have material comforts. We are not talking about excess desires or overkill when it comes to being comfortable in your life. You must accomplish enough in your material life to have warm surroundings, healthy food, clean water, transportation, financial success enough to enable your life.

“Your life” is separate from “a lifestyle.” Living your life is your own brand, your own creation.

A lifestyle is someone else’s brand, something they sell to you when you don’t have one of your own. Live a simple, yet comfortable life while you’re here so you have the resources and energy to discover and develop your own brand and life.

This is what makes all the difference between “your life” and “a lifestyle.” A lifestyle is not you, it’s is someone else’s.

In order to achieve this, you must develop a balance between developing materially and spiritually. If you go overboard one way or the other then you destroy the balance needed, to not only ease through your life, but you lose the example that you show or teach to others. So, keep in mind as you develop in this life to maintain the balance between spirituality and materialism.”


  • Concentrating on either spiritual or material gain are both mistakes.
  • When people realize they can’t have all they want materially they compensate for it by becoming spiritual. This will leave you longing for a balance.
  • Make a list of what you need to be comfortable in your life materially. Then make another list of what you believe you need spiritually to complete your journey.

How It Works: It has never been more important than now to get real about your life. Your life is not a lifestyle. “A lifestyle” is living someone else’s idea of your life. Your life is your life. It means getting real about what is important to you even if others think you’re odd. Everyone teaches by example. Don’t bother telling anyone about the difference between “your life” and “a lifestyle,” just be original by being who you are. ~Linda Deir

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