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Guided Journey

The Magnetic Pull into Truth and Love

Healings with Linda

In our search for love, we often find ourselves seeking the truth.

It is this pursuit that awakens a sympathetic vibrational frequency within us, resonating deep within our being.

Whether it’s a captivating painting in a museum, a book that speaks our personal story, or a song that touches our heart and brings tears to our eyes, these experiences are a result of the love infused into the artist’s work. They have created their piece with sincere passion and honest expression – a force that cannot be contained or restrained. In turn, their truth resonates with us, drawing us closer to their creation. This connection exemplifies the incredible ways in which we are all interconnected, both through art and relationships.


The Power of Love and Truth

Love and truth intertwine in a powerful dance, enriching our lives and deepening our connections. When we encounter someone who speaks their truth, who expresses their genuine self, it draws us towards them like a magnetic force. In relationships, we don’t have the ability to choose who loves us. Instead, we respond to the presence of truth in another person, which can gradually develop into love. If the relationship is based on illusion, delusion, or neediness rather than truth, it is destined to be short-lived. Love and truth work together, harmonizing our vibrations and enhancing our life experiences.

Authenticity and Self-Expression

Sincere honesty is not a product of obligation but rather stems from being true to oneself. Authenticity is born from the intersection of truth and love, culminating in our unique passionate expression. When we give our all and risk being vulnerable, our honest transparency becomes a natural byproduct. It’s essential to remember that if someone criticizes our passionate expression, it is an indication that they do not resonate on the same vibrational frequency as us. We should not let their opinions derail us. Instead, we should nurture our honest expression for our own self-discovery and growth. Expressing our truth in the world is our purpose for being here.

Chapter Three: Living a Guided Life, First Steps

In this chapter, titled “You don’t get to choose who loves you,” we explore the wisdom shared by the Guides. They describe themselves as relationship experts, responsible for providing us with the relationships we’ve encountered in this lifetime. Each relationship, even the painful ones that didn’t work out, serves as a valuable learning experience, shaping us into whole individuals. During our youth, the Guides orchestrated events, occurrences, people, and thoughts to help us select specific relationships. Through this process, we gradually learned what we don’t want in a relationship, leading us closer to what we truly desire.

Letting Go of Expectations

As we navigate through several relationships, we develop a well-defined list of what we want in a partner. However, the Guides reveal that our best relationship will come unexpectedly, without conforming to our list. It will manifest right before our eyes as soon as we let go of our expectations. This message emphasizes the importance of not actively pursuing a relationship. By releasing our expectations and relinquishing the role of the picker, we allow the perfect relationship to enter our lives. Expecting nothing opens the door for miracles to unfold.

You Are Never Alone

As we walk this path of love and truth, it is crucial to remember that we are never alone. We are continuously guided and supported. Help is always at hand, serving as a reminder of the interconnectedness that exists between us all. This profound and unwavering guidance provides comfort and reassurance as we navigate the waters of life.

Start your Self-Examination

The magnetic pull into truth and love represents the profound connection we share with others and the world around us. Seeking love is synonymous with seeking truth, and both resonate deep within our being. As we authentically express ourselves, we attract those who vibrate on a similar frequency, leading to loving and lasting relationships. Letting go of expectations and embracing the guidance we receive paves the way for miracles to unfold. So, in our pursuit of truth and love, let us remember that we are never alone and that our passion-filled expression is the reason for our existence. ~ Linda Deir

Healings with Linda

Healings with Linda


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