The Mirror that Reflects Love

“The capacity to love is humankind’s greatest gift. Free will is the number two gift.

It is free will that allows responsibility for everything in life. Your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings are all the product of free will.

Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





Your free will equals choice. This choice creates the cause. Cause then creates the effect. Cause and effect is a major life rule – a universal law. However, when the “effect” turns out to be negative, people break the “rule” and start to blame. Who did this to me? Who disappointed me and why did they do it? Why did they break their promises? Who ruined my life? Who interfered with my success? This person, or possibly a group you blame is the cause that brought about the effects on your life. 

When people can’t identify a specific person or group, they go to their last resort. They blame God. Why did God allow this to happen to me? It shouldn’t have happened because I try to be a good person. I pray, I hope, I have faith in my religion. Cause sets everything into motion in your life – your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. These then create more effects.

We said that humankind’s number one gift was the capacity to love. That begins with loving yourself.

Challenges can be looked at in two ways. One, a burden inflicted upon you by someone else or God. Or, an element of your life that showed up at precisely the right time to teach a lesson. The lesson is never understood when it appears, just as you may not have understood your lessons in school before you studied them. It is the acceptance of all life’s challenges that bring them into a different light. You brought these challenges to yourself. You were the cause. The effect allows you to love yourself more by understanding the lesson. The challenges, large or small, were things you brought with you to this lifetime from previous ones.

People are experiencing many negative things in their lives and have a long list of people and groups to blame.

It’s the bank’s fault, the government’s fault, the reckless Wall Street traders, the high taxes, the bad health care, the endless list of things that have been done “to you.” If you look back to before it happened, you would be able to see a string of decisions based on free will that got you to where you are today.


  • You should look at the effects of your free will like a mirror. This mirror reflects love, as well as your lessons.
  • The reason humankind keeps failing to make the connection between cause and effect is the greed of humankind.
  • Jealousy of those who are not successful or wealthy is put into the same position as the greedy person. The jealous person becomes greedy. If you want to see different effects in your life, you must fix the cause. Stop complaining and blaming.   

How It Works: The hardest thing to do in life is to learn how to love yourself enough to accept the responsibility for all its effects. It is your ability to become intimate enough with yourself and understand yourself enough, enabling you to love yourself first and all others next. You must learn that you cannot project love unless you are able to attract it in return. ~ Linda Deir

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