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Guided Journey

The Mission

Healings with Linda

“Together, with my Guides – who come here from Truth and Love”

Guidance is always centered in truth and love.


The Guides always say, “truth and love are the same.”

To know the lies from the truth, always listen to what your heart is telling you the instant you hear it. The heart has a tendency of catching you off-guard as it surprises you with the truth. You can’t control the truth that your heart exposes, as you do with what your mind tells you. Compared to your mind, your heart is lightning fast with its truthful notification system. The clarity of the heart is straightforward in an effort to keep you on your path, or to get you there. It is not a time waister as it points you true north, but it will be up to you to move that way.

Healing starts from the intelligence of the heart, the cornerstone of truth and love.

Your Guides are best qualified to walk you through your life. You planned this lifetime with your team of Spirit Guides before you arrived. In fact, you would never have considered taking on this lifetime without their full support and guidance. They will never let you down, but you must make an effort to hear, communicate with them, and act on their guidance before it loses its usefulness. This was easy for you to do when you were very young. So, just because you forgot doesn’t mean they have gone anywhere. They have been waiting for you to be ready. They have no agenda. They are your biggest fans and your real life coaches. In a world filled with self-interest and deceit, it’s important to know that you do indeed have those you can trust and depend on, your Guides.

Guidance comes through from truth and love and is not a respecter of your convenience.

Truth and love are both painstakingly real. You must be 100-percent present to fully experience the depth of its clarity. There can be no distractions, no manipulations or strategies to outsmart them, no pretending, or cheating. You must be fearless; you must be you, pure and simple. Not too many people are willing to do this because, to them, it feels too risky. This can only happen when you are unsure of yourself, another healing benefit of reigniting the connection to your Guides.

Start your Self-Examination

Only if you have a relationship with those who walk with you, your Guides, your life coaches, as they navigate you through this life will you have the checks and balances necessary to keep you on your path directing you to your purpose. But you must be open to this relationship and be willing to act on their guidance before the window of opportunity closes. No one here knows you better than your Guides, nor does anyone here in this life know what to do… especially now.

Healings with Linda

Healings with Linda

Healings with Linda will reconnect you with your team of Guides making your life easier and more meaningful than you could have done on your own. ~ Linda Deir


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