The Spiritual Meanings of the Coronavirus

“Just about everybody has had the flu in their lifetime, most likely more than once.

It’s something you all grew up with. It’s like getting a cold, only worse. Rarely did you hear about anyone dying from the flu until recent years when the influenza strains got stronger and stronger.

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The core spiritual meaning of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is to acknowledge the buildup of mass negativity and false belief systems.

The most obvious proof that the mass negativity is affecting you is when you feel stress. As the stress builds up it affects the body’s immune system making it susceptible to the flu virus.

People play the “influenza odds game” when it comes to the flu. Although more and more people got flu shots last year, more people also got the flu. So, it looks like it doesn’t matter if you get a flu shot or not. Some people justify getting sick every flu season as something they should expect. They think it’s normal to get a cold or the flu.

However, this flu virus, the Coronavirus is different. It started in Wuhan, China and grew like a tsunami. The incredible increase in flu cases and deaths is astonishing. It’s like no other flu epidemic.

As this virus spreads, it will cause forced change for everyone in the world.

Not having a vaccine for it for many months to come, it will radically restrict people’s lifestyles.

The biggest change you will notice first is where you can go.

It was a medical problem first but has quickly become a problem for the transportation and hospitality industries. The travel and tourism industries along with hotels and restaurants have been the early casualties. Events around the world are being canceled and cruise ships have come to a halt.

In the coming months, you will see tourism in places that people love to go like Las Vegas, Disneyland, and Disneyworld all slow down. Going to sporting events will be like playing Russian Roulette with your health. Any place where large amounts of people gather, like; sporting events, sports bars, concerts, movie theatres, any large festival venues, night clubs, malls, and mass transportation of any kind will all be affected.

People must get prepared for changes in their daily life. Children won’t be allowed to go near their grandparents and restricted from going to school. People in the affected industries will lose their jobs and the virus will still be here with the next strain coming.

So, once again, the spiritual meaning … the purpose … of this fast-spreading virus is to examine all the areas where you hold mass negativity and false beliefs. Why do you have these beliefs? You must take a look at them, where they started and why they are still a part of your life. Where is it that you must change negative attitudes and false beliefs you’ve based decisions on for decades?

The symptom is the Coronavirus. The cause resides in its spiritual meaning – what humanity needs to understand and get right.

This one virus that will affect people’s lives worldwide is a spiritual wake up call.”


  • This influenza virus is a natural response, a spiritual warning to humanity about the negativity in the world.
  • People will not like the forced change that these viruses bring.
  • People will have to change the negative attitudes and beliefs in their lives to learn the lessons these health challenges bring to light.

HOW IT WORKS: A virus, like the Coronavirus, gets unleashed upon the world when humanity can’t be reached in any other way. No matter what this event really is, or how it came about, the greater message is … this a serious attempt to get our attention. 

So, have things really gotten that bad? If your answer is yes, you are part of the solution. You will choose to immerse yourself into the things that let your soul sing. If your answer is no, then negative attitudes and beliefs feel normal to you. The “yes” responders have suffered for decades from the pressure of increasing negativity. The “no” responders like things the way they are and don’t see the growing negativity as a problem. ~ Linda Deir

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