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Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … when you start to trust what you feel you will remember doing this a long time ago.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … in the beginning, your Guides messages may conflict with the way you want things to be. If this is the case, you really need their help now.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … there will be some conflict between the guidance you are receiving and your willingness to accept it, which is why it is so important to write down the conversations you have with them.


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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

Why do people have so much difficulty connecting with us and hearing our guidance?

We see that it is because of the lifestyle they lead, always in a hurry, always going somewhere, and seeking things in the outer world.

Since the “shelter in place” mandate is in force causing massive disruptions to your lifestyle, we have an important project for you.

While you are living your new normal … the new abnormal … we want you to start being aware of your senses more.

Like a blind person does automatically, pay attention to what is going on right around you, what you hear, smell, touch, and taste. Be aware of the sounds around you and focus on them until they fade. Write down your self-evaluation of this in your journal.

Next, and most importantly, explain to yourself how these things feel. This will answer the second question in your journal. Allow your senses to fully describe how something you hear, smell, touch, and taste with as much detail as you can. Focus on each one of these as they are all going on around you, right now, in the moment. This exercise will help you understand the importance of describing the details of how anything feels, no matter how insignificant it may seem. The reward in doing this is what happens next … the realization you will have. Taking action on what you realize becomes obvious.

At no time during this 4-part exercise were you lacking anything to perform on it. One thing led to the next, naturally. As this process becomes alive inside you; pay attention to what’s going on around you and write it down, explore how it feels, the realization that follows, leading to an action/decision.

By doing this for 15 minutes daily your journal entries will reveal that you are indeed receiving help. Moving through this 4-step process your senses will be heightened placing you in perfect alignment with our guidance – when you need it, and even when you may not realize you need it. This is what has been missing, making your life harder than it needed to be.

This journal writing will activate your intuition, so our guidance can be seen on the pages.

Until now, making good decisions was confused by doing what everyone else was doing – chasing what was outside of yourself, something you thought you lacked, something out there. The connection is never out there, but in there, inside your realm of being. That is why we tell you that to connect with us you must make room for us in your life. Slow down, breathe, and become an observer of what is going on within you. Once you are focused on the present moment, we can get through to you with our guidance.

CALL TO ACTION: Start your Self-Examination

  • Trusting what you feel to find us requires that you pay attention.

  • Like a blind person trusts what they feel, it’s about paying attention to the details of what you feel in any situation … the moment you feel it.

  • Practice this easy 4-step process until it becomes alive inside you. It’s easy because it’s how you learn, naturally.

HOW IT WORKS: Remember when you were a kid and you tasted something you really liked and would explain how it made you feel in every detail? This is how the free spirit within you made the connection without you even trying. It’s in these renewed, yet simple moments that will open you to your 4-step process, in conjunction with your guidance. It is an easy and natural flow. In this state of being anything is possible. From this perspective, you can begin to recall and utilize the possibilities that show you a different way of doing things that you could have never seen on your own. This is how the child did it, naturally … before they were molded and forced to be in just this world. ~ Linda Deir




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