The Ultimate Problem Solvers are your Guides | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Who do you go to when you have a problem to solve and need help?

Who do you ask?… friends, family, or do you even ask anyone for fear of what they’ll think of you? When does it become necessary to bring in some outside help when facing a problem or a major decision? So far, what you’ve done and who you have asked is probably not what you expected.

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When you tried other people’s advice most of the time it didn’t work out at all. Then, the next time you saw that person they ask you, kind of excitedly, how did that work out? You kind of half-laughed and half-cringed as you replied, “Oh yeah, it worked out fine.” Using that worn-out response is why most people’s lives just work out, fine.

The word “fine” deflects rather than gives a definitive answer. It’s a safe response because it suggests that it’s neither good nor bad. You may not have even tried the person’s advice, or you may not have even followed through on the project, yet it turned out fine. “Fine” is a non-answer, like when people ask you how you are today.

You cannot enlist the help of anyone if you don’t even have a grasp of the problem or the situation yourself.

You have to stop settling for things being “fine.” All that will bring you are generalities, not a solution. A solution comes from looking at the problem from all angles, looking at it from the inside and outside. Taking a future look at the outcome and deciding from that point of view what needs to be done to get there right now.

Why don’t people even think about asking for our help? After all, we already see the outcome along with any problems or setbacks you will encounter along the way. Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask us first, before you venture out on your own with half-answers and bad advice? Wouldn’t that shorten the process and allow for a better outcome than you ever imagined? What are you afraid of when you fail to ask us? The only thing we can see is ego getting in the way.

Why is it so hard for people to ask for help?

It’s because many were brought up in a society where asking for help or admitting you couldn’t do something on your own was equivalent to weakness. The weakness is when you try to do it on your own, wasting time and energy struggling through the process while only achieving mediocre results. It would be like driving on a long trip without a map.

We know you better than you know yourself and it’s certainly not the first tough project we’ve seen. So, the next time you have a big decision or project to get done ask us first. Get started in the right direction right from the beginning. You won’t even have to tell anyone you asked us, in fact, you would be wise not to.


  • People are afraid of asking for help, especially males.
  • Asking friends or family for help will more often than not bring you an opinion rather than a solution.
  • Consider how much time you have for your project before you need to make a decision. Ask us as early as possible in the process.   

How It Works: Having grown up with the timely guidance from my Spirit Guides and Angels, I can’t imagine how anyone has gotten by without these brilliant problem solvers? They always see the opportunities and problems long before you do. Before you agreed to experience, yet another incarnation, they selflessly agreed to guide and help you through it. Without their direction, your life will be one struggle after another.

Your life was not supposed to be a series of struggles and hardships. Dare to live fully by enlisting the guidance and help from your Spirit Guides, then take action on their guidance while it’s still valid. That’s how you will live the life you intended before you got here. It will feel like you’re cheating because it’s not only easier, it’s more fun. ~ Linda Deir

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