We Become Best Friends

Guided Journey

The Spirit Guides and I take you back to the time early in your life when our friendship was effortless. This is when you were at the height of your bliss. I take you back to the time when your best friends were your Spirit Guides and Angels and your connection to them was at an all-time high. This was the most blissful state you would have with your Spirit Guides and Angels before outside pressures interfered. So let’s get started…

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You realized “we” were always with you. And although “we” were never loud you heard us.

You never felt alone. You felt loved. It felt natural. You felt no separation between you and us. You knew things and felt happy all the time. Nothing was missing in your life. Our friendship was effortless.

This was the environment that set the stage for you to learn at a higher level. We didn’t teach you anything, but we did present things to you that inspired you to experiment through your natural curiosity, causing you to reach for more. You were at that magical sweet spot in your life, where no one questioned you or interfered with your bliss. A time where your connection to us was building strength while learning who you were. You were learning the right things and learning them fast.

You didn’t think about it or question how this was all possible; it was a natural state of being. Although you were learning on a higher level quickly it was easy and fun to learn this way. This was the time in your life that your connection to this blissful state was the strongest. It would become your baseline for when you got lost later on. But you didn’t know that then. This would become that lost connection you would long for later in your life when searching for the real thing once again.

This early connection and higher learning time that you experienced with us would become the internal compass that you would be able to depend on throughout the rest of your life.

Your well-developed internal compass would let you know when you needed a course correction. This would inform you when it’s time to get back on your path. The path that leads you to your desired destination – guiding you to your life purpose…the reason you came here this time around.

With this internal compass already set to give you a clear direction, you felt its ups and downs. The “ups” were the bliss you perfected so early in your life. The “downs” were filled with struggle as you got drawn into the competitiveness and disconnection with everyone and everything going on all around you. The ups are a fascinating moment-to-moment experience, and never loud. The downs are disruptive and shout at you all of the time, making you feel isolated and alone. The ups place you in the zone – focused, connected, and filled with inspiration.

Are you beginning to remember what it felt like to be in the present moment with ease? Do you see how your compass produces sweet and sour signals for you? Do you see why?

All you need to do at this time in your life is to remember how to trust your compass once again. If it feels bad or wrong then stop yourself right where you are and objectively examine what is going on. Write in your journal what stopped you and then what you discovered. By following this system, you will be able to prevent painful compounding lessons.

You did not come into this life to struggle and suffer. You came here to live a purposeful life – a meaningful one. That early time in your life when you were one with everything, resisting nothing, it all felt like you. You weren’t separate from anything.

Recall those feelings when you first learned all of this – when it was effortless before you became concerned with what everyone thought or said about you. Write down what that was in your journal. This will become your reference point, what you need to recall when making a course correction. It’s so easy a baby could do it – it’s so easy a baby did do it. It’s already inside you – it’s your internal compass that is well-developed and still there ready to guide you with precision. ~Linda Deir

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