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Guided Journey

The Spirit Guides and I talk about, We Have Been Waiting for You to be Ready – Our friendship is rekindled. Your confidence has returned. The struggle has ceased since you stopped chasing things. Feelings of lack are leaving you. You are beginning to see what we see. You are realizing those thoughts, ideas, inspirations, dreams, and insights you thought were coming from you were coming through you from “us.”  So let’s get started…

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Start your Self-Examination

From what you have learned about this mysterious intuition and the years you spent playing with it, you are beginning to get the hang of this.

It’s happening because you are learning to discern between what’s coming through you as opposed to what’s coming from you. Knowing this difference was only possible from reflecting on what you have been documenting in your journal. You can easily see the difference. There have been times when you received important intuitive guidance that you didn’t write down in your journal because you acted on it so quickly. Other times, when you neglected to write it down, you lost it completely. While you are learning to take action when the guidance is the most effective, you are also learning to never take it for granted. This requires you to write this timely guidance into your journal, date it, and keep it in chronological order.

This process will never fail to work because:

  • You will always be able to refer back to the guidance you received.
  • You will know its guidance coming through you and not from you.
  • From taking the first two steps, you will master the action you need to take at just the right time.

With all this working for you, your life will improve as you see the big picture and not just the short-sighted instances of success. This includes seeing things and people for what they really are and not just what you want to see or believe.

As you’ve heard me say many times before, there are always consequences of your choices. You could choose to ignore the guidance you receive through your intuition and experience the associated consequences of missed opportunities, or you could act on that guidance in a timely manner and benefit from those opportunities, causing reactions from the people or situations in your life.

This is one of those times when you will not be able to avoid seeing people for who and what they really are. Many times, this will make you feel very disappointed. So, you only have two choices; either choose to miss it by not acting on it or experience it by boldly stepping into it. Welcome to a life of consequences, that you were never clued in on until now. This is when “not taking things personally” will come back into play.

Incorporating this added dimension when making critical decisions brings journal writing to the forefront. Are you beginning to see how important this journal writing has become in your life? It’s your best friend. The friend who always tells you the truth, letting you decide if you want to act on it or not. We point you in the right direction, but you must walk that way. The tricky thing about having an open line of communication to us and using your intuition to capture it – is that you may not always like what you are receiving. If you insist on playing it safe, rather than stepping into the flow, you will eventually push us away. However, because your soul remembers why you came here into this life, it is relentless about seeing you carry out your life purpose.

By feeling the relentless hole in your soul, it reminds you that something important is missing. This feeling is what will eventually overcome the consequences associated with stepping into your guidance and aligning with your soul’s calling, producing the life you intended before you got here. ~Linda Deir

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