What GUIDED Teaches

“Looking back on your life, when was the first time you felt someone was watching you?

When was the first time you heard someone talking to you in your head? You looked around you saw that nobody was there when, the fact is, many were there.

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Linda Deir's Spirit Guide Angels talk about ... What GUIDED Teaches

How we get these insights   The italic text within this post is the channeled information from Linda’s spirit guide angels.

You began to weigh conversations with these elusive friends. You started feeling comfortable talking to them, playing in their presence, as they showed you new things. You were learning through experience. You were beginning to self-realize.

Soon the feeling of separation started creeping in when you realized you were different. You were much different than people wanted you to be. You acted differently than they acted. They expected you to act just like them. They told you what to believe, what to think, what to say and do, even though it felt wrong for you. So far, you compromised your experiences, so you wouldn’t be labeled an oddball. It’s your choices that caused you to be this oddball, but you didn’t feel that odd.

You were just being you.

GUIDED, by Linda Deir

Then, you reached that crossroads where you knew there was no going back. At this point, you either decided to be an individual person or choose to fit into the group. The consequences of being a unique person, your own person, became too much, so you became like the others around you. These choices had long-lasting consequences that would affect you for decades to come.

The lessons that you learned from choosing to fit in, would eventually lead you back to yourself. Looking back, these were the “life took over years.” You got pushed, pulled and knocked around just like a pinball. Bumping through life hoping you wouldn’t slip down the hole.

What happened was the distractions and illusions became your reality and belief systems.

But now that’s all changing. You are older, and all the things you believed, you are starting to question. You had a lot of lessons to learn … but when do you get to experience the life you came here to live?

What GUIDED Teaches …

  • Starts with knowing yourself first.
  • How to recover the knowledge you came into this life with.
  • How to reconnect to the spiritual guidance that was all around you, and still is.
  • Learn to hear us again. The guidance is easy to hear, understand and apply, but it involves choice. A choice you haven’t made since you came here as a baby.

It’s time to unravel all the wrong things you have learned. We don’t want you to be afraid. It’s not something you have to do that’s painful, it’s something you finally get to do so you don’t miss the life you intended to live before you came here.”


  • What happened to the guidance and connection to the spirit world you had when you first came here?
  • How old were you when you felt it slipping away?
  • You now have a chance to reconnect to your Spirit Guides … so, what will you do?

How It Works: My book, GUIDED, shows you what you have been missing, how you missed it, and how to never miss it again.  What GUIDED teaches awakens you to your own guidance by reminding you how it works. Knowing yourself is the first curriculum that your Spirit Guides will point you to go. Only when you know yourself can you have this connection to them. The reason for this is – until you know yourself can you be present. Your Spirit Guides only reside in the present moment. So, if you are not present how can they reach you? Learning to connect with your Spirit Guides is a by-product of knowing yourself first. You will no longer be separate or disconnected. The struggle will end because you are connected and consciously living in two worlds. ~ Linda Deir

Your Spirit Guides have been waiting for you to be ready

Ask your Spirit Guides … to help release the amnesia so you can recall who you are, why you came here, and a connection to your Spirit Guides and what’s next? Talk with your Spirit Guide Angels like I do? Angel Coaching with Linda  guidance from “those” who know you best!