What Is Service to Others? | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“People reach a point in their lives where they get the urge to do something for humanity.

This is called being of service to others. However, most people don’t know what to do in order to help others? Do they volunteer? Do they give money to charities, or what?

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What does it really mean to be of service to others?

We would say that service to others begins with you loving yourself more. But, you might say, “I do love myself.” Well, have you accepted yourself the way you are? Do you have self-respect for who you are? Do you project a healthy self-image? We don’t mean acting arrogant or just looking good. You must let the world know that you don’t need its approval to be you.

Service to others … is an unconditional response. It has a soul and knows the right thing to do.

You have all the gifts you will ever need to become fully self-aware in this lifetime and all the talents to be of service to others. Using these innate gifts and talents will make you self-aware and feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself you work on your body, mind, and spirit equally. From this connection, your talents will surface. When you do this it raises your frequency, your vibration, and your consciousness. This leads to raising the vibration and consciousness of the people around you, the country you live in, the world, and has a ripple effect that reaches the entire universe.

Just learning to love yourself and appreciate who you are, lets you share your love with everything, as everything is all one.

So, it really doesn’t matter that you do some special thing to be of service to others. You become service to the entire universe just by learning how to love yourself and raise your own vibration and consciousness. This is the by-product of loving what you do. There’s no better gift that you could give to the world than to love and respect yourself first.


  • Service to others begins with how you love yourself.
  • Service to others happens naturally as you become more self-aware.
  • How could you expect others to feel good around you if you don’t feel good about yourself? 

How It Works: Before you incarnated you had every intention of living your life fully. There was nothing you couldn’t do once you finally got here. You loved yourself. So, what happened? First, you were assigned your amnesia. Then, before you had a chance to get the hang of this place the people around you told you how things are. No one noticed all the great talents and gifts you brought with you that the Spirit Guides and Angels described above. Now you’re older and feel that urge to make a difference, leave a legacy, do something for someone who deserves it. The best “you” is yet to come. ~ Linda Deir

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