When Fear Becomes A Motivator | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“There are many motivating forces in your life and fear is certainly one of them.

It’s the fear of losing something that many times gets people to take action. The first thing that a person needs to recognize is that the fear is real. You are not making it up.

However, you have been programmed with fear to be controlled in society. It’s fear that gets people to do things like vote for a particular person or party, or, changes their mind about something like when the doctor tells you if you don’t start exercising and change your diet you are going to die. You never gave it much thought until the fear of death entered the picture. You never got motivated enough to go to the gym instead of going to happy hour.

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When the fear is real and staring you in the face you will respond willingly because you are fearful of losing something. Combine the fear of losing something with the fear that you already lack most of the things you believe you need to be happy, and now you are really scared.

You are fearful of the things you are being told on the news, but you are also wondering about the things you not being told. How much worse could it be? It’s enough to make everyone keep their guard up and be nervous about the future.

In past times the future was further out than it is now.

People can see things speeding up around the world; with economic challenges, the threat of new wars, terrorist attacks, the threat of automation and robotics starting to take over most of the jobs. All this is real and not made up by you. This causes you to think about the odds of losing your job or even finding one or getting attacked as you do things to make yourself into a smaller target.

You think about moving away, or stay put and shore up your life for when things get tough, or if a major catastrophe hits. All this fear going on in your life every day is what keeps you off-balance. Being preoccupied with all of these uncertainties will cause you to miss the timely guidance we are sending you. Your guidance is always turned on and coming through but the more fearful you are the less you will be able to hear it.

You start listening more to what you are telling yourself, as you imagine what the news is not telling you.

Nobody knows how to really think any of this through and they don’t want to talk about it to their friends or family for fear of being criticized and judged, another fear response.

So, what do you do? You can’t pretend by sugar-coating things. So you see things for what they are and not how you want or wish them to be. It’s time to stop putting off responsibility and take control of your life so you can survive these challenging times. If you listen well you will not only survive … but thrive.”


  • The fear you feel is definitely real.
  • There’s much more that society is not telling you that would make you more fearful.
  • Everybody’s guard is up and people are spending much time, effort, and money trying to build up the castle walls so the bad things cannot get in.   

How It Works: Building up your castle walls is the wrong way to spend your time and effort. It’s about preparing yourself in all ways. Acknowledge that things are not going back to the way they were 10 or 20 years ago. You must adapt to what is changing in the world by changing your priorities now and get some preparations in order. This will prevent you from getting caught up in the chaos as it happens. The Spirit Guides feel the pressure building in our world and that’s why they are bringing this to our attention. This is guidance people! ~ Linda Deir

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