When Guidance Shows Up in Your Journal Writing

“The objective of journal writing is different than diary writing.

While diary writing is just a chronicle of facts that happened that day, it doesn’t contain guidance for the future. Diary writing doesn’t have the spontaneity that journal writing does. Journal writing allows the truth to come to the surface. That’s where we enter.

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Guidance from
Linda’s Spirit Guide Angels

How we get these insights   The italic text within this post is the channeled information from Linda’s spirit guide angels.

When we ask you to do your journal writing for 15-minutes a day it’s so you can have that quiet space of time when we can reach you without distractions. It’s only, without the distractions of your daily routine, where you can get quiet and breathe and relax – that’s when we can reach you.

So, is everything that’s coming through your journal writing – guidance?

We would love it if it were, but most people “get in the way” of the guidance and bend or twists what we are telling them into something they want it to be. That’s when our guidance becomes distorted. It’s not coming from us; it’s coming from you because you have a predetermined outcome in mind of what you want the future to be like.

This is the inherent problem with all communication from us. We come to you in truth and love and nothing else. When we tell you something in our communication, write it down exactly as you heard it come through.

Your journal writing will resemble automatic writing.

In doing this, over time, you will begin to recognize patterns in our transmissions. After a couple of weeks or just one month, you will be able to look back into your journal and see things you wrote that you now see wouldn’t have been something you would say or would have even known. In fact, you don’t even remember writing it at all.

This is when you will know it came from us because you were “out of the way.”

This process will change your life and help you avoid the struggle and stress you used to experience in your daily routine, before our 15-minute meetings. You must learn to blend the obligations in your daily life with our guidance. That’s what will give you direction for your life right now and into the future.

Will our guidance always seem unfair to you, or sometimes something you don’t want to hear? … yes. Again, we come in truth and love.

How can you tell the difference? When you hear someone say something to you and you don’t feel the love in their message and delivery it’s not the truth. It’s something they want you to agree with to further their agenda. They are looking to recruit you.

We are looking to guide you. That’s our job. We offer you solutions for your life, not opinions. Opinions aren’t proven until you try it. The same is true for our guidance, however, the difference is, we see what you cannot and remember what you forgot. It’s a recipe for your success. So, all that’s required from you is to detect it, then implement it.

If all you do is ask your friends for their opinion about what you should do you are now more likely to make bad decisions on bad opinions, rather than listening for our guidance. We don’t want to see you suffer and struggle. We do want you to write down anything that is – unusual, or out of the ordinary the moment it happens – every day. These are the little nuggets of guidance that when strung together, over time, allow you to see how they all define your life going forward.


  • We are always sending you guidance.
  • This guidance is not opinions about what you should or should not do, it’s our observation about opportunities available to you right now.
  • The ability to keep writing in your journal every day for at least 15-minutes is the key to your future.”

HOW IT WORKS: Following the guidance that you track through your journal writing will produce a better life than you could have done on your own. (a real-life story) For starters, it will take the struggle out of your life. Next, your life will become fun again. Worry and doubt will become a thing of your past. You will see where you are always learning at a higher level – it will feel natural and timely to you. You will feel the connection! You will like who you are. You will become a reliable source of guidance for others. ~ Linda Deir

Your Spirit Guides have been waiting for you to be ready

Ask your Spirit Guides and Angels anything because … journal writing is having a conversation with your Spirit Guides and Angels. Talk with your Spirit Guide Angels like I do?

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 … guidance from “those” who know you best!