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Writing my first book, GUIDED took 4-1/2 months.

When writing it, at no time did I think about what this book would turn out to be, I just started writing the story of my life – as I was being guided all the way along by my Spirit Guide Angels.

Linda Deir's talks about Writing Her First Book: GUIDEDThe first thing I was told to do by people in the publishing business was to start reading other authors’ books and researching what, or how I “should” write this book. I was guided not to do any of that … and just started writing, so I did. The words flew out of my fingers onto the computer screen almost faster than I could type them. It was easy, just like my Spirit Guide Angels told me it would be back in 1994.

I was told, I would write a book …

The first time I was told I would write a book was in 1978 from my home building colleagues when I was in my twenties. They said I should write a book about my intuition. They said this because I was one of the few who dodged the real estate crash in the late 1970s, as I had warned them, but they didn’t listen until it was too late.

The next time I was encouraged to write a book happen in 1994 at Christmas time when my Spirit Guide Angels whom I’ve seen all my life, materialized right in front of me and I took their photograph.

Then, a few weeks later they came to me in a dream. They told me I would write a book about relationships, my relationship with them, and that it would become a best seller. They also told me it would be easy to write and I would write many more books after the first one. Then, while still in that lucid dream, I asked them why they materialized and allowed me to take their photograph this time?

They responded, “We appeared so the world could believe.”

Now, they really got my attention, although I didn’t feel ready to write the book they were guiding me to write.

The next time this book issue arose was in 2002 when the CEO of an advertising company in Pasadena, California who booked my events in Phoenix told me to write a book about Spirit Guides. This was beginning to feel like a mission I would need to carry out, but I wasn’t going to write about Spirit Guides just to write about them.

Not ready to write the book …

Until I felt ready was I even going to consider writing a book. I had no desire to write one, nor did I know what it would be about, even though those people and my Spirit Guides had already told me.

2004 Ray showed up, hand-picked by a divine force …

What brought Ray into my life was truly mystical. It happened on February 28, 2004, right here in Sedona, Arizona. Since that day, together, we have been carefully guided by our Spirit Guides and Angels to make massive shifts in our lives as we became one powerful force. Our previous careers dissipated into thin air as this work we were guided to do together gained momentum. Together we built the three connected businesses that guide others through these challenging times. Ray needed to show up in my life before any of this, the book included, could be realized.

In 2006, dark family secrets are revealed …

This was the year that the family secrets came flying out of the closets, just six months before my mother died. This all happened two years after Ray was divinely injected into my life, now my husband and partner. As Ray witnessed all of this unfolding he said, “This is stranger than a shocking reality TV show.”

In August 2012, I started writing the book …

Like always, I was guided to start writing it. My Guides didn’t make a big deal out of it, they just guided me to sit down and start writing my life story. I never imagined that the book they told me I would write, about my relationship with them, would be revealed through telling my life story, but like always, I didn’t question their guidance.

They were with me every step of the way as my razor-sharp memory unraveled my life. They were relentless, as they critiqued every word I wrote and made sure I told everything just as it happened, insisting on complete transparency. They made me go deeper than I ever imagined, recalling not just what happened, but how it felt. How I worked with them throughout my life to decipher what it all meant and the importance of acting on their guidance each and every moment.

Although I lived it, I never actually wrote it all down along with the details to explain it to anyone else until I wrote Guided. This was the first time I dared to tell my story! Writing my first book was very intense as they were sending me messages at every turn; when I went to the bathroom, to the kitchen, had something to eat at the dining room table, did a workout, took a shower, in my dreams, in the twilight between waking and sleeping and vice versa.

They were sending me a constant flow of dialog pertaining to the details of our growing relationship throughout my life that poured out into this book. After just two months of writing, I had to put the book on the back burner. Nine chapters were down on paper.

In the 9th Chapter, I had a Realization …

At this moment, I realized this was the book my Spirit Guides and Angels told me I would write 18 years ago, in 1994. The dream was when they told me I would write a book about my relationship with them. This was that book! It snuck up on me. Thanks to my Spirit Guides, this long-awaited book was taking form.

In 2013, I finished writing the book …

Another two-and-a-half months of writing and the book was now finished. It’s a twenty-eight-chapter book. I say “book” because it had no title or sub-title.

Then, a few weeks after I finished writing it, my Spirit Guides came to me in a dream. They told me the title of the book and what would become components of the sub-title. I immediately woke Ray up and told him what came through my dream. I told him the title of the book is GUIDED, and the subtitle is something like: “Best Friends and Life Coaching from my Spirit Guides and Angels.” Ray was shocked, as his eyes popped wide open he said, “That’s it, Linda!” “That describes the book perfectly.”

Just when I thought I was done writing the book …

Right after the title and sub-title of the book were shown to me, my Spirit Guides started waking me up night after night to add their insights throughout the book. They guided me to start reading from the beginning of the book and stopped me where they wanted me to place their particular TIPS, LEARNINGS, LESSONS, and AWARENESSES – 137 of them!

They woke me up around 1 am and kept me up until 3 or 4 am every morning. This went on for weeks. Now, it’s not only my life story, as my relationship with my Spirit Guides and Angels evolved, but includes their carefully placed guidance throughout the book, so the reader will understand how this works in their life too. These powerful insights flowed right through me. This is shared knowledge that I learned throughout my life and how the reader can use these to make sense of what’s really happening in their own life, all from the perspective of not taking any experience personally.

The book cover comes to life …

Photo that Linda took of her Spirit Guide Angel (click on photo to enlarge)

The photo that Linda captured of her Spirit Guide Angel in 1994…They said, We appeared so the world could believe.”

Flashback! “We appeared so the world could believe.” That’s what my Spirit Guide Angels told me in that dream after they materialized right in front of me in 1994 and I happened to have my camera in hand and took their photograph. The setup for writing GUIDED started then. Being consumed from writing the book, the book cover was not something I thought about, even though that was why they “appeared” to me 20 years earlier. I didn’t think about what it would be, just like I didn’t think about what the title of this book would be until they told me in that dream. This time, they came through Ray. Ray had just gone through what appeared to be a major setback in his life. At this very moment, the book cover designer was starting the project. That’s when Ray stepped in and told me what the cover would be; what it was meant to be all along. Ray envisioned that photograph of the Spirit Guide Angel, which sat on my mantel for the last 20 years, on the front cover of the book. He saw it like it was already there, in its full radiance. The instant Ray told me that I knew he was right. It was obvious that this entire project had a life of its own. The book was unfolding divinely with every piece showing up exactly when it was supposed to. It was already known by these Light Beings, and because we were already open to all of this, it was all able to flow through us without any resistance. This book was perfection in the making. We had our book cover designer go to my blog post about the photograph of my Spirit Guide Angel. He was fascinated by this photograph and story.

What I didn’t expect when GUIDED was finished …

I felt like a rock was lifted off my back after this book was finished. I’m still not sure why? There’s also much more that I understand now, although I really thought I understood all the pieces to my life before I wrote this book.

Since I started writing Guided, before anyone ever knew about it, there had been a wave of people related to publishing that had been contacting us and people reaching out for answers directly related to what GUIDED offers. It just showed up. This is interesting because no one other than Ray and my editor had seen my manuscript, yet when we did finally mention the book everyone wanted it.

The moment we told them the title of the book, GUIDED,  many started crying with relief as they began to tell us about their very personal experiences. They felt relieved that they had finally found someone they could talk to about what happened in their lives. They found themselves deeply moved by a book that hadn’t even been seen, let alone published yet!

I am honored and humbled to be chosen to bring this timely healing and guidance through to you. Guided is a testament that your Spirit Guides and Angels are always with you. They have been waiting for you to be ready. You will discover that you are not alone and have always been guided. ~ Linda Deir

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Guided, by Linda Deir - WINNER of the BMS AwardGuided, by Linda Deir - WINNER of the Int'l Body-Mind-Spirit Book Award