You Are Attracting What You Feel

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will understand how to attract lasting happiness.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will start to see results when you deliberately change “how you feel,” “to what you feel.” 
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … to identify what you are attracting you must write it down, and then how you feel about it, otherwise you will remain a prisoner to your habits.

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You have heard of the law of attraction.

It has been very popular in books and in movies. Many people have heard before that you attract what you focus on. It sounds simple; just focus on good or happy things. It’s more complex than you think, as this concept has become the lie of attraction from people becoming disillusioned from poor results.

People used to say all you needed was a positive attitude. It is difficult to have a positive attitude when things are going against you, or your health is poor.

We would like to help you understand how attraction works.

First, we have said before that the universe is intelligent energy, and everything in it is connected. You, as a person are connected to the universe and higher intelligence. Your communication with higher intelligence is carried on, not just by your mind, but also your body. You are a mind, body, and spirit energy. Also, your body acts as a large antenna that both receives and sends signals back and forth to the universe.

Have you noticed that happy people are mostly happy all the time and rarely unhappy? Angry people are usually angry about something whenever you meet them. There is an explanation for how you feel. Yes, you have attracted how you feel back to you. It has as much to do with your body as your mind.

Let’s say that you are angry about something. The anger you feel generates adrenaline in your body and adrenaline provides a powerful rush that reinforces the anger. It has to do with you at the cellular level. All of the trillions of cells in your body have receptors. These receptors are like small antennas that protrude from the cell. They can attract neurotransmitters, steroids, or peptides. Peptides are in high quantity in the body more so than the others. These peptides are generated in your brain by the hypothalamus gland. They can be anger energy peptides or happiness energy peptides. Once generated they are distributed throughout the body by the pituitary gland that sends them throughout all regions of the body. As they attach to a cell, they rule or command that cell, like a captain.

If it is anger energy it attaches itself to the cell. When that cell divides, which happens hundreds of millions of times a day, more anger cells are present. These cells, through the peptides, call out to the brain or the mind, or the universe for more just like them, and more are generated and distributed. This is how an angry person stays angry.

Since you attract what you feel, you attract and produce more of what you already have.

This is the attraction that has become an addiction, like a habitNow, you could just as easily call out happy cells. Happy cells want to be surrounded by more happy cells. This is a simplified explanation, however; it shows that what you think about – you become.

You are not only attracting more of it to you, but you are also generating the cells that contain that energy. So, you might say all you have to do is think happy thoughts and change your feelings and subsequently change your thoughts. It’s not that easy, if it were people wouldn’t be addicted to anything. Addicts of any kind tend to attract more addictive energy. To change you must stop or break the pattern and many times this is difficult.

People say they want to change but feel they can’t, so they give up. Or sometimes other people discourage them from making any changes. These people are addicted to the same things and that’s why they like each other’s company.

So, how can you change if you want to? First, you must believe that the change will work. That is the first step that sets everything in motion.

You have to change what you think about so you can change your feelings, which send out positive energy into the cells. It is in your quiet time that you can have a conversation with higher intelligence energy that allows you to change by stopping the repetitive flow, even temporarily, of the cellular energy structure calling for more of the same.

Find things that make you feel happy and observe what the situation is and what you are thinking about. Since your thoughts become your feelings and actions then all you must do from that is continue the thoughts that make you feel the way you want to. It’s just as easy to make yourself happy as it is to allow yourself to be angry.


  • People hear in movies and read in books that it is easy to change. No, it’s not. It requires that you refocus your thoughts in order to achieve change. That’s the difficult part. It doesn’t usually happen from just reading a book. It’s a breakdown of your destructive thoughts that attract negative energy, then changing some habits.
  • People believe that the fix for their life comes from outside of them. Most people don’t realize that it is them creating what they have experienced in their life. They see others leading a happy life that triggers feelings of anger or jealousy in them. This, in turn, delivers more anger and jealousy into their system. So, looking outside yourself is not good when changing from the inside out.
  • A positive attitude doesn’t work if your body is saying something else. It is difficult to overcome negative energy when the body is programmed with negative thoughts or anger or depression. As you go from day to day and feel depressed, then your body calls out for more cells with depression energy in them. Soon you not only feel depressed, but you have a compromised body.   

HOW IT WORKS: You need to be aware of how you feel and why you feel that way. Anything that depletes or defeats you is toxic and needs to be avoided at all costs. Let yourself start to recover from the barrage of negative people and society. Once you get a handle on that your inner balance the resulting happiness will start to come back into your life. From that, it all takes care of itself. Now you know what it takes to be what you want to attract. ~ Linda Deir