You Didn't Come Here to Return Home Broken


POINT … Linda Deir approached this issue from having lived it with a foot in both worlds, this one and the one we came from. Mastery of living in two worlds simultaneously.

COUNTERPOINT … Ray Holley is addressing this issue from a reasoning, logical, academic point of view. Living in just this world.

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Repressed Trauma …

  1. Where does the repressed trauma reside?
  2. How did It get there?
  3. How do you heal it!

Today we will focus on Part two of the “Guided Journal Writing System,” My Guided Journey. Watch the Video (above) … for this POINT and COUNTERPOINT perspective on how unresolved traumas leave you broken – stealing your life.

Traumatic memories hide in the brain and what the trauma caused filters through everything you do in adulthood…i.e. your vision of self, emotions, relationships (personal and job), and your decision-making.

This repressed trauma is hidden by the brain to protect the person from recalling the emotional pain and damage that happened.

The hidden trauma causes anxiety, depression, fear, shame, guilt, anger, insecurities of all kinds, and can lead to dissociative disorders – detachment from reality.

Traditional psychology/psychiatry methods say that to unearth these traumatic memories, you must return the brain to the same state of consciousness as when the memory was encoded. Most of the time this occurred as a young child.

Many people who feel “exhausted” most of the time are like that because they spend so much energy suppressing traumatic emotions.

These “Emotional Stab Wounds” get repeated growing up until you get conditioned to them. People say things like, “stop crying” … “get over it” … “quit being a baby about it.”

When heard, the emotion being experienced gets categorized as an emotion the person is not allowed to experience… harming them for life. ~ Linda Deir