Your Expectations are Your Limitations

“When you look at what you call your limitations what exactly are you expecting?

Limitations mean limits, barriers to going past that wall. Limitations stop you in your tracks and also convince you that you may not be good enough or smart enough to get around that wall.

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First of all, you came into this life as a limitless being. You could do anything you set your mind to. As a baby, even though you couldn’t yet walk you found a way to get to the other side of the room. You found a way when you got a little older to escape the jail of your crib. Whatever you saw as limiting you, you found the solution. Once you implemented this solution it was no longer a limitation.

Why, as you got older, are you accepting limitations now?

What has changed? What changed is that people and society have gotten you to believe in limitations that you can’t, or shouldn’t do something. You don’t have the right education or money, or you aren’t strong enough, pretty enough or focused enough to accomplish what it is you see across on the other side of the room.

People get into these situations where they believe they have a limitation, set off by their expectations. Let’s take a look at expectations. What are they? Usually, it starts by setting goals. After all, society has taught you that it’s a good idea to set goals; write them down, put them wherever you can so you see them as soon as you wake up, during the day, in your office, and on the refrigerator door. That goal is an expectation, an outcome that you are focused on. What if we told you that the worst thing you could do is write down a goal?

Once you write down a goal or the desired outcome you have firmly planted it into the future. Your goal could be anything like, “I’m going to lose 50 pounds and I’m going to lose it in one year.” So far you are doing it just like you were taught to set goals. How are you going to begin working on that goal? You start by exploring different health clubs and gyms in your neighborhood. You spend a couple of weeks visiting them as you decide which one to join. They are expensive so you decide to wait until they have a special. That special shows up in about six weeks. You go back to the gym and sign up for a membership and decide to start going next week. It about two months later and you haven’t lost the first-pound exercising. You delayed the outcome by two months. Now, you have only ten months to meet your goal of losing 50 pounds. Is this what you do with any goal you set?

What could have been better is that once you made up your mind to get into shape you didn’t put an amount or condition on it. What if you could lose 70 pounds in a year? Why wasn’t your goal 70 pounds? What if you only lose 25 pounds in a year, now you have fallen short of not only your goal but view yourself as a loser for not reaching the goal that you told all your friends and family about. Now you have to make up excuses about why you failed, but have you really failed? Losing one pound was moving in the direction you desired. You didn’t even know how big or small it would be.

It’s not your expectations of an outcome that you set in stone that will get you there, it’s taking immediate steps by taking action right now to move toward what you desire.

If you started right away by going outside and walking around the block several times each day you would be closer to your desired outcome which was to lose weight. When do you start to lose weight what happens? You begin to feel better about yourself, about your accomplishment. You are not a loser. If you continue to look at unproven, unreasonable desires you will never actually hit any goal. You will fall short or overshoot it. Is expecting an outcome or setting a goal really the way to change how you look or feel? No, it’s accomplished in the little steps, the small actions you take right away, and each day toward how much better you will feel when you get to your optimum weight. It could take longer, or not as long. You must be content, as well as, grateful for the progress you make toward your destination.

What you will discover is that with most goals they become part of a lifestyle and not some static thing out there in the future that you narrow-mindedly insisted on as an outcome. You want to lose weight to be more healthy and look better, start right now by eating healthier and exercising. It’s a clear decision. You will become healthier each day. You want to learn something new by a certain time, start right now and tomorrow you will be more knowledgeable. Your expectations, conclusions, and desired outcomes just don’t show up one day in the future. If they are important to you and will make you a better person, becoming a better person is a gradual process. You don’t just wake up one day a different person. You don’t lose weight in your sleep regardless of the advertisements you have seen. Anything worthwhile takes effort on your part. So if you are afraid of doing what it takes to become this better person you desire then setting goals or dreaming about some outcome in the future that will magically appear is a waste of your time.


  • By setting goals you are limiting yourself.
  • If you fall short of a goal you blame yourself for this limitation.
  • Not expecting outcomes removes all the feelings of limitation.   

How It Works: Anytime I feel myself expecting anything I recall my early 20s. Having survived a horrendous childhood with no formal education to carry me forward or support from anyone in this world, I did what I always did, I followed my guidance. I have consistently received timely guidance from my Spirit Guides and Angels throughout my life. They always showed me the truth, what I was aligned with, and the possibilities. I took action on those possibilities and success came fast and furious. I didn’t know what to expect, I was just in the flow, riding that wave. I had no goals or expectations, only endless opportunities that I got to experience. I was grateful to get to do this. The point is, all because I wasn’t expecting anything it was all working better than I could have done on my own. Life is a gift when you live it this way. By trusting the flow and being connected you will achieve far more than you ever expected. ~ Linda Deir

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