Your Mind is a Minefield Riddled with Conflicts | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Like a landmine, primed and ready to go off, people are under so much pressure it’s setting them off.

Their mind is laden with negative thoughts, explosive emotions, and false beliefs that they have difficulty controlling.

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A landmine is set off when pressure is applied, just like when your mind experiences negative thoughts, explosive emotions, and false beliefs. This minefield of unhealthy emotions is lying in wait for a tripwire to be set off, so your ego can, once again, come to its defense. The pressure that sets off a landmine is triggered from the outside just like the pressure from society sets a person off. When a person suddenly explodes into a rage or starts screaming defending their beliefs it wasn’t something that just happened that day, it’s been building up in them for their entire life.

None of these false programs running in your subconscious mind are productive in any way, especially when you are on a spiritual path.

It’s your conscious mind that needs to develop new programs. Once you decide to let your subconscious mind know that the programs that have been playing for decades are harmful and no longer serving you, will you be able to move forward on your spiritual path. That is the first step – installing new and positive programming into your life. These new programs of higher thinking and learning are all coming from us. It is our guidance that is strong enough and true enough for you to replace the old programming. It’s fairly easy to do but does involve work on your part. As you begin to receive the new guidance you must write it in your journal, so you can compare it to your old programming. This technique, once you see it side-by-side, will be what allows you to let go of the old programming.

You must do two things to rid yourself of the conflicts in your mind:

  1. Write in your journal the new programming you are receiving, and
  2. Identify the old programs that do not work any longer.

Once you get into the habit of writing all your conflicts and guidance in your journal, regardless of what you think is important or not, only then will you begin to connect the dots in your life that are becoming your new destiny.”


  • You have things in your mind’s minefield knocking you off your path.
  • These conflicts reside in negative thoughts, explosive emotions, and false beliefs that control you.
  • The stranglehold that your old programming has on you will be challenging to get rid of.

How It Works: Everyone has noticed how reactive people have become. The old programs are showing serious signs of decay. People who can identify their own old worn out programs and conflicts and write them in their journal, replacing them with new and relevant guidance will not have to struggle. If you are struggling, then you are running on your old programs. It’s time to become conscious of everything you are thinking and doing. Only then will you have access to the guidance that is always being broadcast to you from your Spirit Guides. Write that guidance in your journal. That’s what will turn your life around. ~ Linda Deir

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