Your Resistance Creates Your Suffering. Did you ever try pushing against...

“Did you ever try pushing against something for so long your arms got tired and your body got weak fighting it, only to give in?

This is what it’s like when you create your own suffering in life. Your resistance creates your suffering by resisting the natural flow of events.

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Linda Deir's Spirit Guide Angels talk about how Your Resistance Creates Your SufferingHow we get these insights   The italic text within this post is the channeled information from Linda’s spirit guide angels …

If you believe that your life has a plan and has already been mapped out for you, then you would see how futile it is to resist anything you see coming. It is wasted energy that will tire you out even more. 

Think about how your resistance creates your suffering? 

The need to control, even when events are bigger than your ability to control them, will not only wear you down but cause damaging stress. Realize that you don’t learn anything by resisting, so have some trust in the natural flow of events. You may actually be surprised how it all works out without your interference.

You did not come here to suffer or resist. That would be like starting your car and pushing on the brake instead of the accelerator. Ask yourself what you are afraid of? Something is causing you to choke up and resistance. If you allow this reaction to dominate your life you will miss your life. It’s similar to fear, so face your resistance so you can overcome it and start living your soul’s plan.

All of your struggles reside in how your resistance creates your suffering. 

How it works: Resistance feels like you’re holding your breath. It makes you feel disconnected. This disconnected feeling is a nudge from your Spirit Guides letting you know that you are making it harder than it needs to be. You are taking it all too seriously. In reality, when you allow their guidance to come through you, it’s not only easier, it’s fun. That’s your soul’s plan. If you can remember, this is how it worked when you were a kid. That’s why being a kid was so much fun. Your resistance creates your suffering and ruins your fun. ~Linda Deir

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