Your Tsunami of Change


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Once you reach a boiling point it is followed up by a tsunami of change. 

These changes are not a surprise. Just like a tsunami, you get warned ahead of time. In nature, tsunamis are preceded by earthquakes just like volcanos are. While the volcano is symbolic of a boiling point, the earthquake is symbolic of a breaking point. Something got stressed so badly that it shifted, it moved suddenly and quickly but it was building for years. Some of life’s stresses are stronger than others just like earthquakes. There is always a spiritual meaning in it for you.

Soon after the earthquake, tsunami warnings come. You can see a tsunami coming. It’s not going to sneak up on you because it’s big and right in your face. Even though you see it coming, you can’t stop it, you can’t run from it, or control it. It’s already too late.

This tsunami is a game-changer that will require you to change with it.

But what if you don’t want to change right now? What if it’s not convenient for you to make big changes at this time? A tsunami is not a respecter of your convenience. It’s coming, you’ve been warned, and you can’t stop it.

This is What GUIDED Teaches.Your Tsunami of Change

Why do so many people resist change when it’s happening all the time?

It’s a process, it’s gradual, which is why you may not take notice until it’s right in your face. When a big change comes, people say things like, “I didn’t see it coming.” But that’s not true. You did see and feel it coming. It was building for years. It’s in the build-up that you were receiving the warning to take action to prepare for the coming change.

Like when a tsunami is coming, you must head for high ground. The spiritual meaning of this is that you can’t see it when you’re in it, so rise above the chaos so you can see it for what it is without panicking. 

The only thing that prevents people from changing is fear. These fears are rooted in belief systems and habits from the past. It’s these fears that prevent you from having the clarity needed to make a new decision, rather than making the same old decisions you’ve made over and over in the past.

Listen for our guidance, willingly take action, and do not fear this change because you are never alone and always being guided.


  • So, what we know for sure … a tsunami of change is coming.
  • You have been given an advanced warning, so take action now.
  • You must take action now by getting prepared for the day the tsunami of change arrives.

HOW IT WORKS: A tsunami of change is the final stage of all the changes building up to it, the grand finale. It’s been a long time coming and then, all of a sudden everything changes. But it didn’t really happen “all of a sudden.” You saw and felt it coming for a long time. It’s a point of no return, a moment when life changes forever.

Change begins by reaching a boiling point, followed by tremors from an earth-shaking event setting off a tsunami of change.

Our world has been coming to a boiling point for many years as tremors in politics, the economy, health care, education, financial systems, free speech, and security have been under increasing pressure. If you have been seeing and feeling this, then you have already been receiving the warning signs – the guidance. Do not doubt that there are big changes coming. Don’t let it scare you either, because it’s been building for a long time, and the fact that you are still here means you are part of the new world. So ride this wave without resistance because this is the world we collectively agreed to recreate before we got here~ Linda Deir