Linda Deir Transition Coach

Linda Deir

Transition Coach

Linda coaches you through unprecedented changes with those who know you best, your Spirit Guides and Angels

Your coaching session with Linda

Through Linda, using Ask The Universal Channel® talking board,  your Spirit Guides and Angels start by asking you a question first, as the conversation begins. Nearing the end of your session they end it with their closing message to you. 

You receive a high-def video and audio of your coaching session.

~ Linda Deir


The Connection

In my coaching session with Linda, I had a 2-way conversation with my Spirit Guides and Angels. It was like talking to my best friends. I felt the connection. It was a healing experience!

~ Sam Henderson

The Relationship

First, I found Linda’s book, GUIDED … a book I didn’t want to end. Then, I got a coaching session from her. That was the first time I ever talked with my Spirit Guides like they were sitting right in front of me. It was life-changing.”

~ Janet Lambert

Stay Connected

  • I love Linda’s, Guided Journey.  It’s an easy-to-follow self-directed journey that brings me clarity while making the connection to my own Guides.  
  • Her Ask The Universal Channel private Facebook group is where the Members learn to channel their Spirit Guides from the free weekly lessons. This support group is like no other!

~ Fans & Members

How Do I know If “Linda Deir Transition Coach” is Right For Me?

You will know for sure once you have read or listened to my Award-Winning bestselling book, GUIDED. Then, experience her self-directed Guided Journey.

In your coaching session with your Spirit Guides, you will be reminded of who you are and why you came here. You will feel the connection to where you came from and those who followed you here, your Spirit Guides and Angels. You will realize you have help … that you are never alone and always being guided!

Linda's book, GUIDED, and coaching session couldn't have come at a better time ...

Linda’s book, GUIDED, and my coaching session with her and my Guides couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. As their first words came into fruition, the tears started pouring out because it was absolutely right on!” ~ Lisa Brady

GUIDED was just the beginning ...

I came across this book, GUIDED, unintentionally. Halfway through the book, I realized that my own guides led me to this book. I scheduled a coaching session with Linda and I was floored at what came through.” ~ Marianne W.

GUIDED, and my coaching session with her helped me drop the fear ...

When I read Linda’s story about her torturous childhood and how it led to her strong connection with her spirit guide angels who helped her get through it … I cringed and wept. This strong soul came forth and transcended hellish conditions to encourage others to get in touch with their truest, most trusted friends–their own personal spirit guide angels.

Through a one-on-one session with her and her partner Ray, Linda helped me learn to drop the fear. That changed everything. It has been a paradigm shift that was like taking me from a black-and-white world of duality into a rainbow technicolor Universe. Thank you, Linda Deir!” ~ Lori Chidori Phillips

One day after reading GUIDED ...

I read GUIDED in one day and was so moved, I contacted Linda for a coaching session. It was awesome!” ~ Sheri

More than a coaching session … you will feel the connection to your Spirit Guides and Angels.


Experience the Connection  …

Feel Something is Missing and Not Sure What It Is?

IMAGINE … having a conversation with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and others who willingly listen to you without judgment, encourage you to follow your dreams, guide you toward your victories, see you through all your challenges and successes, bring out the best in you, and who always tell you the truth. This describes what you can expect in this coaching session with Linda and your Guides. In your transition coaching session with Linda, you will overcome obstacles and solve problems as you reach your highest potential. Your Guides are your compass as you realize that it’s them who are guiding you every step of the way … you just need to recognize them and most importantly, take action on their guidance while it’s still valid.

“I help you with that” ~ Linda Deir

What to expect?

Lasting Benefits of your coaching session:

1. Release the fear that’s causing stress and even panic in your life, blocking the guidance coming through from your Spirit Guides, Angels, and others.

2. Next, with your support team of Guides, you will develop a clearer understanding and acceptance of who you are.

3. With the pressure of the fear, stress, and panic under control, you can begin to trust who you are.

4. Your ability to detect when your Spirit Guides and Angels are sending you guidance will be enhanced.

5. Removing any expectation of an outcome, you can begin to learn how to receive and interpret their messages with clarity.

6. With all of this momentum, you now have the power to take the final and most important step, and that is to take action on their guidance.

GUIDED, by Linda Deir

In my flagship book, GUIDED, the lifelong connection to my Guides was used as the template for how you make transitions at just the right time.

How It Works

In your coaching session with me, you receive timely guidance from “those” who know you best … your Spirit Guides and Angels.

You will realize the guidance you are always being sent from your Spirit Guides, Angels, and others – helping you solve problems while learning who you are.

Experience the power of their guidance to live the life you intended before you got here.

Schedule your Transition Coaching Session

Definition of “Transition” … the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Linda Deir Transition Coach – 1-hour

One-hour provides adequate time to ask more questions and make that deeper connection to your Spirit Guides and Angels.


Linda Deir Transition Coach – 30-minutes

30-minutes provides adequate time to ask your Spirit Guides and Angels well-thought-out questions about a few concerns.


Linda Deir Transition Coach – 20-minutes

20-minutes provides adequate time to ask your Spirit Guides and Angels about something specific.