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Turning to others for advice will give you opinions, turning to your “Guides” will give you solutions … Here, you will learn about your connections in the spirit world, where you came from, why you came here, and what’s next.

Summary of My Guided Journey

Summary of "My Guided Journey" Ray takes the Journey Summary of My Guided Journey from the perspective of the interviewer, Ray Holley. Hi, I’m Ray Holley and today I’m going to tell what I’ve learned from interviewing Linda on My Guided Journey – the companion Journal...

You Are Not Alone – taking the journey

You are not alone - taking your journey in "My Guided Journey" Linda and Ray talked about how stopping the distractions and creating time alone are what has reconnected you to your Guides. You have learned to value your time alone. It has become a priority in...

Feeling Loved

"Have you ever experienced doubt when someone said, "I love you?" The question to ask yourself is, how do I feel when I hear those words? Do they make me feel anxious or uneasy? Do they make me feel content? How about fear of commitment? Speak to your Guides ... 6:00...

Linda’s Weekly Guided Insights

A weekly gift of guidance from Linda's
"spirit guide angels"
on navigating the uncertain world you are now living in! ... channeled information using "Ask The Universal Channel®" talking board