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Guided Journey

What GUIDED Teaches,

Life-change self-help author, Linda Deir

“Guided Journal Writing System”

Guided, by Linda Deir - WINNER of the Int'l Body/Mind/Spirit book Awards

3-part system … 4-step process

This “Guided Journal Writing System” is the lifeline to keep you on your path, not just get you there.

 Starting with my true story, Guided, came the companion journals; My Guided Journey©, and My Journal Writing©.

Three books that flow into the other, providing mastery over your life.

So you know what to do and when to do it.

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Guided, a True Story ... part one of the Guided Journal Writing System

of the
“Guided Journal Writing System”

GUIDED, by Linda Deir: Part 1, of the "Guided Journal Writing System"

GUIDED, Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches©

changes lives.

In GUIDED, I take you on my “Guided Journey,” so you can see how it works when you take yours.

You will discover … you have help! You are never alone, and always being guided.

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My Guided Journey, of self-discovery and personal transformationof the
“Guided Journal Writing System”

My Guided Journey

My Guided Journey, of self-discovery and personal transformation©, 

restores lives.

My Guided Journey© is your journey back to discover where you got knocked off your path so you can course-correct and re-connect.     Linda Deir Course Correction Training

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(Paperback Journal)

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My Journal Writing, your roadmap to consciousnessof the
“Guided Journal Writing System”

My Journal Writing

My Journal Writing, Your Roadmap to Consciousness©,

the lifeline that keeps you connected.

You will feel the connection to your Spirit Guides and Angels every time you write in this journal – keeping you conscious and on your path. Linda Deir Consciousness Training

Introduction – Guided Journal Writing System


This “Guided Journal Writing System” takes you on a journey of spiritual awakenings and unexpected psychology.


Unrehearsed … individual journeys with Linda, using My Guided Journey© restoring their connection to themselves and to their Guides.

2019, a short session with Veronica

2019, a medium session with Joy

2019, a long session with Kathy

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey© … Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir




“Guided Journal Writing System”

will bring mastery over your life!

1. Release fear from your life.
2. Discover who you really are.
3. Trust yourself.
4. Be at ease with being present.
5. Feel the Connection.



6. Your doubts are gone.
7. You stopped taking things personally.
8. You know what to do, and when to do it.
9. You are living a life of purpose.
10. You are a respected source of guidance for others.

Best of all, you will like who you are!

~ Linda Deir