Phoenix, AZ – Jan 14, 2017 | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

Don’t miss your chance to

Communicate with your Spirit Guide Angels

Hands-on-Workshop… Channeling your Spirit Guides and Angels using Ask The Universal Channel® talking board


Thank you…Ray and Linda,

“Your event was by far the best I have ever attended. My Guides message identified right where I have been stuck. It was amazing! All of you, Ray and Linda and the entire group were so supportive, allowing me the time I needed to understand what I need to do right now.”


Ask The Universal Channel works, Kat


Ray and Linda,

“WOW describes this experience! Ray and Linda know what they are doing. They are the real thing. We got to feel, see, and hear what our Angels and Guides wanted us to know, as we experienced this connection with them. This was way more than we were expecting. We loved everyone who was there because it was like we were all one. We haven’t felt that for a very long time. This entire experience completely shifted us. We are excited about getting together to do this again with our new ATUC talking board. Please don’t forget to call us”


🙂 BC


Linda and Ray,

“Having lost my connection to my Angel Guides – this was just what I needed. They told me how I was blocking my connection to them (tears). I knew what they told me was correct. I loved the opportunity to practice channeling my Guides with Ray and Linda’s help. I was able to do it on my first attempt. It was smooth and surprisingly easy. I loved this experience on Ask The Universal Channel talking board so much I bought one. Don’t forget to invite me to the group!”



Hands-on-Workshop… Channeling your Spirit Guides and Angels using THE STORY of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board with Linda Deir & Ray Holley

Have you been trying to make contact with your spirit guides and angels, or lost that connection altogether? Have you ever had an actual conversation with “them” … where you talk back-and-forth about what “they” see for you and ask “them” questions? Would you like to get “their” direct, in-depth, word-for-word replies without the guesswork needed to interpret “their” messages? It doesn’t get better than this.

Don’t miss this chance to see, feel, and experience what it’s like to have an interactive, 2-way communication with your Spirit Guides and Angels with Linda Deir and Ray Holley, the world’s foremost authorities and teachers on the correct use of  the talking board …THE STORY of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board

Want to make this more fun?
Bring a like-minded friend with you so you can do this together when you return home.Symbol

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REGISTRATION: Hands-On-Workshop ... Channel your Spirit Guide Angels, by Linda Deir & Ray Holley


$35. Max. 40-sign-ups


Location: 3375 E Shea Blvd., Suite A-1 Phoenix, AZ 85028 S/E corner Shea & Hwy. 51 Phone: 602.334.1204

Email: [email protected]

Open Daily: 10am – 6pm

Ask The Universal Channel® talking board set, by Channeled Readings, LLC

is on display at the San Francisco Airport historical talking board exhibit

San Bruno Patch Newspaper Article

Ask The Universal Channel® is on display at the San Francisco Airport talking board exhibit