Phoenix, AZ – Sept 7, 2019 | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

Linda Deir … LIVE EVENT at Storm Wisdom, Phoenix, AZ … September 7th, 2019, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Your roadmap for this event and the book you will use to restore your connection to your Spirit Family is, “My Guided Journey.”My Guided Journey, companion journal to GUIDED

This is my fourth book and the companion Journal to GUIDED. It’s a life-changing workbook of Self-Discovery and Personal Transformation. Each attendee of the ON LOCATION Live Event will receive a free paperback copy of “My Guided Journey,” a $15.00 value.



Review - JH

“For over a year, I’ve read all of Linda’s books, had coaching sessions with her, joined her Live! on Facebook, and I’m a Member of her FB Ask The Universal Channel secret Group. I love everything she does.  Until I met Linda was I able to make a clear connection to my spirit guides and communicate with them on command. Even with all of this, seeing her live on location took it to a whole new level and was so much more than I expected. Wow, is all I can say.” – JH 

Review - MJ

“I discovered Linda Deir when I stayed at an Air BnB in Sedona and her book was on the bedstand in my room. I started reading it and couldn’t stop. I knew I had to come back to Arizona and attend this event. My life felt like Groundhog Day without purpose and direction. When I made the connection to my guides at this event, I stopped doubting myself. From this encounter, I know what to do and how to do it. Until now, I have never felt this sure of myself. It was well worth the trip.”   – MJ

Review - BM

“I had a physical experience that I never felt before when attending this event. It shifted my energy, showing me to expect anything at Linda’s powerful life-changing spirit guide events.” ~ BM

Review - From the Netherlands

“Watching the Live Stream – I enjoyed it so much! It is beautiful and inspirational to see how you and Ray guide the guests through the questions. The “Ask The Universal Channel” sessions with them were great. You are people with both feet on the ground, even better than on the FB lives! I just love that you are just YOU – if you know what I mean.” ~ Watching from the Netherlands

Using “My Guided Journey,” your Spirit Guides and I will take you back through your life enabling you to see where you were taught the wrong things that became the belief systems you unwittingly based your life decisions on. Taking this journey back, you will …

• Learn how to access your Spirit Family to improve your day-to-day decisions.
• Track your progress using “My Guided Journey” and see patterns emerge.
• Accomplish what you came here to do in this lifetime.
• Eliminate fear and struggle in your life as you nurture this vital connection.
• Become a respected source of guidance for others.