Linda Deir, Point of Contact. Align your energy to your Spirit Guide Angels

Point of Contact, To your Spirit Guide Angels - reminder that you are never alone

REMINDERS that you are always being “guided” … 
Using these “Point of Contact” tools, you can begin to align your energy with your Spirit Guide Angels.
Get quiet, ask for “their” help, breathe in their energy, and just let it work.

~Point of Contact~



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~Point of Contact~



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USD includes Shipping & Tax anywhere in the U.S.A.

FRONT SIDES: Is a ‘one of a kind’ photograph of the Spirit Guide Angel who appeared right in front of Linda in 1994 when she had a camera in hand. This Spirit Guide Angel told Linda that they materialized so “The World Could Believe.”

BACK SIDES: On the back side is a special message from Linda’s Spirit Guide Angels in her flagship book, GUIDED. This is their reminder of the steps you must take to stay connected to your Spirit Guide Angels, so you can benefit from the power of their timely guidance.

The day my spirit guide angels allowed me to take their photograph in 1994, on the ~Point of Contact~ … VIDEO: The Story